September 29, 2003


I spent all day Saturday in Gamer's Heaven. Well, all right, it was really only the 2003 Tokyo Game Show, but it felt like heaven to me!

The good news is gaming is alive and well and, judging from the huge crowds bubbling with enthusiasm, will be for a long time to come. I saw previews and sampled demo programs for dozens of RPG style games, some 2D and some 3D, some humorous, some serious, some heavenly, some quaint, and all more highly addictive than designer drugs! Who needs acid dreams when Neverwinter Nights is a mere mouse click away? Why descend into alcoholism when Lineage II beta testing starts in a few weeks? Why grab a shotgun and shoot up the local post office when Ragnarok is filled with monsters just waiting for you to take out your aggressions on them? And, if you're short on cash, or just plain unwilling to pay for your fun, Runescape is free!

So what are you waiting for?

"Would you like to play a game?"