July 02, 2004

Ruminitions and Ruminations

Giantina on the attack!
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Meet my newest character: Giantina

Giantina is a dwarf. The female dwarves have the smallest characters in all of Lineage II, so naturally I had to give her an appropriately "giant-sized" name! The dwarves are one of the hardest characters to play because they have no special fighting skills. On the other hand, they are the only characters able to create items, and they are very tough. As a result, they are extremely important to the economy of the world of Aden, and highly valued members of any clan. On the downside, they tend to be ignored until somebody needs something made. One player observed, "some days I feel more like a parts factory than a valued member of the team."

I have in the past attempted dwarves, but always gave up. They are extremely difficult to play at lower levels. However, with the introduction of Chronicle One, all characters gained a pair of interesting emotes: "laugh" and "socialwaitinga". I tried a male dwarf first, and the laugh was a great, deep, belly shaking rumble, but the social waiting was merely some boring arm stretching. So I tried a female dwarf. The laugh turned out to be an insanely charming girlish giggle of pure merriment and the social waiting was a backflip that shifts into a handstand with a trillish, "la-de-la-de-la" that makes me chuckle every single time I hear it.

I kept the female dwarf and deleted the male. Every time I play Giantina I feel like a proud Grandfather showing off the light of his life. She is just so darned cute!

A infusion of capital from Nightfall bought Giantina some new armor and a decent mace, but I haven't taken a screenshot yet.

I just love this game!


I found an interesting review of Lineage II at AVault. This is the most balanced of all the online reviews I have read to date. It covers all the reasons I love the game, and also goes into great detail on the downside (which I mostly ignore).