September 28, 2004

Game characters come to life!

Game characters come to life!
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One of the most endearing and frustrating aspects of Japanese culture is their obsession with "cosplay". In the picture above, two people are dressed up like Lineage II characters and one of them is sitting atop a lifesize plastic model of a "Stryder", a kind of dragon pet available in the game that players can ride. Now, these two girls happen to be professional models hired by NC Soft to appear as part of the display in their exhibition kiosk at the 2004 Tokyo Game Show, but not ten feet away from where they stand are half a dozen more girls dressed in similar outfits who did so because they love the game and wanted to become their characters for a day. There was more cosplay at this year's Game Show than at any Tokyo Game Show I have ever attended. It was insane, and great fun for the participants!

I don't know whether I envy their freedom or despise their childishness, and I suppose it doesn't really matter either way.
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