July 10, 2007

Freedom fighters or hoodlums?


Pakistani troops finally moved into the Red Mosque. Final death tolls are still not available, but one thing seems certain, it is highly unlikely the only dead will be soldiers and Islamic militants.

I have watched the evolution of terrorism in the Middle East for over forty years now. It never changes. Peace accords are reached, then immediately violated. The Fundamentalist Islamic Movement driving modern terrorism has evolved from a handful of freedom fighters seeking to rid their land of a European-imposed foreign government into tens of thousands (and possibly hundreds of thousands) of armed combatants who will settle for nothing less than the establishment of a Shari'a-based Islamic Caliphate stretching from Spain to Northern India.

These modern extremists are not the same as their forebears. They no longer are willing to focus on Isreali military and political leaders. Their targets are women, children, and working people all trying to make an honest living in a corrupt world. They hide behind the skirts of their women, strap bombs to their young men and send them into bars and cafes, place car bombs in the midst of busy markets, and kidnap Muslims who disagree with their goals off the streets so they can torture them, execute them, and dump their bodies in public places. They can strike anywhere, anytime, and their one goal is to destroy anyone and everyone who diagrees with them.

We in the west cannot defeat them. It is time we recognize that. The Islamic governments and religious leaders are the only people who can bring an end to this unwarranted assault on non-combatants and innocent bystanders. It is time for the west to sacrifice it's reliance on cheap oil and issue some hard edicts to the governments, businesses, and private citizens who support these criminals. If the Islamic leadership cannot take the necessary steps to clean up their system, improve the lives of those not born in noble families, and prosecute violent criminals disguised as religious idealists then perhaps radical action must be taken.

We cannot defeat them. They are unwilling to live alongside us in peace. As much as it pains me to admit this, perhaps nothing short of genocide will allow honest people of all faiths to go about their daily lives free of fear that some insane zealot will chose today to kill their family, slaughter their friends, and destroy their life's work.

If the Islamic leadership is unwilling to take responsibility for this problem, then perhaps we have no choice left but to transform the middle east into an uninhabitable nuclear wasteland.

I'm sorry, but four decades of this insanity is more than enough. It seems to me the time has come to amputate this gangreneous limb once and for all. If these zealots are unwilling to lay down their arms and discuss real solutions, then they must accept for themselves the final solution they wish to impose upon all of us.

The time has come to issue an ultimatum to those who support criminal armies disguised as religious idealists. If you cannot clean up your own backyard, we will do it for you.