June 03, 2008

The end of the world as we know it?

Late breaking update: 2012 = end of the internet?


My sister recently sent me this: Vedette.

That page contains a long list of links from a variety of sources which she assembled and passed to the person who maintains the site. Many of the links are alarmist, and some are paranoid, but they all point to one thing: politically and spiritually the world is changing.

It so happened that I received her links a few hours after my own research had stumbled into a long list of videos on YouTube related to the year 2012. Apparently, the "Mayan Long Calendar" ends on December 21, 2012 (or perhaps the 24th, depending on how you calculate it). Further search using that year as a keyword revealed this: 2012 at Wikipedia. It seems that during my two decades and change living in Japan, the English-speaking world has become once again unsettled by eschatological foreboding.

Personally, I think this is just dandy. In case no one noticed, our world is a bloody mess! If the United Nations wants to gain control of the whole planet, rewrite the education system, practice a combination of eugenics and genocide until the global population falls to a more manageable level, and then run things from Brussels (or Beijing, or Boston, or even Berlin), then I have no complaint. Well, very little.

Granted, there is every possibility I will not survive the change to a One World Government. I have no reason to assume that I or anyone in my family will be found fit enough for acceptance into this marvelous New World Order of drones and dictators. Excellent! If it goes as badly as the opponents expect it to, then I don't want to live long enough to be included. I'd rather be dead than have some politician dictating how I should feel, what I should think, where I should work, what kind of clothes I should wear, and all the rest.

I am American. I was born American. I will die American. I believe in life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and one nation under God. True, there are times in my life when I have had strong doubts. For the past decade I have been uncertain if the values I grew up with are worth maintaining in my old age. Until a week ago, I had not cracked the cover on a Bible in over a decade. Nonetheless, through all my years of doubt and confusion, one thing has remained constant: a firm belief that each individual has the inherent right to live life according to their personal values, no matter what those values may be. If we have finally reached the point in history where those who believe in conformity to a single value system outnumber those who believe in the right of each individual to define their own values, then the time has come for me to exit stage right and be glad of my passing.

Paradise is not paradise if everyone is expected to be the same. Utopia is not utopia if the only people who live there are robotic imitations of the human animal. We are not machines. God help us all if we ever reach a point where we are all assumed to be identical.

That truly would be the end of life as we know it.