August 29, 2008

Idols of our time

August 30, 2008

Wow, fast and furious! The excesses of the growing dictatorial designs of the Bush-Cheney team never seem to take a day off! Assuming, of course, the Whitehouse is actually running the clown and pony show the country has turned into over the past eight years. They claim to be, so if they are, then this is also part of their design: Police Raid RNC Protest Planning Party. I guess pizza and beer are unpatriotic nowadays.

Although, in fairness I must also add that they are taking Gustav a lot more seriously than they took Katrina.: Gustav Prompts Talk of Convention Changes.

No one seems to have noticed that "G" comes before "K". Perhaps this year we will have the 5-5 (five category five hurricanes) season they were expecting back in 2005.


August 29, 2008

Judges 17 & 18 tells the story of a fellow named, "Micah". He stole some money from his mother. When she discovered it missing, she called down a curse on whoever might have taken it. Right away we know we have a problem. Not only has he stolen money from his own mother, but she is resorting to magic to avenge herself!

So Micah returns the money and his mother is so happy with him she commissions a couple of idols for him (no one knows which gods, but my best guess would be Astarte, the local version of Ishtar, and Moloch, who is sometimes called Baal). Micah now has his own private shrine, adding idolatry on top of theft and sorcery.

Wow, what a family, eh?

Well, my friends, I tell you what, the modern times are not all that much different. I turned on my computer this morning and went to CNN looking for news of either the growing tension between the U.S. and Russia or some updates from the Democratic National Convention. Instead, I find this: Gold Statue of Kate Moss is the Largest since Egypt.

Honestly, I don't want to be judgmental. I want to be open-minded and compassionate and assure everyone that the world is going to get better very soon. I really do. Events just keep throwing stuff like golden statues of Kate Moss in front of me which leaves me wondering who in the world decided they needed a 50 kg statue of an aging fashion model? Why didn't they use that money for something more important, like a new library for their local high school, medicine for the local free clinic, or even a month's worth of food for the local Salvation Army shelter and soup kitchen? Seriously, what earthly good will be accomplished by a giant golden statue of Kate Moss? I don't get it!

So, about fifteen minutes later, the page refreshes and this pops up: Putin Accuses the U.S. of Orchestrating the Georgian Conflict.

Personally, I'd already figured that much out for myself. Condolezza Rice visited Georgia while she was running around in that neighborhood trying to sell a missile pact to the Poland and Czech governments. A month later to the day Georgia invaded South Ossetia. Wow, talk about deja vu! Didn't the same kind of thing way back in 1991? Albright visited Saddam Hussein and a month later he invaded Kuwait. Who in the blazes is running our government these days? Is the Bush family really that insane that both Father and Son will manufacture wars just to win a little political clout? As I said a couple days ago, after too many coincidences the facts stop being coincidental. There is something very wrong going on in Washington and it looks to me like the current George Bush is trying to whip up a limited nuclear war so he can declare martial law, disband Congress, force the North American Union into reality, and become the King of North America.

And if anyone has been reading this blog, you'll know that I have been predicting martial law practically from the day George Junior took office way back in 2001. These are not accidental twists of policy, my friends. This has been his goal right from the beginning.

So, I turn on CNN on the television instead and watch Barack Obama give his speech. I really enjoyed that. If he can pull off everything he claims to want to do, then yes, the world will be a much better place five years from now. Of course, to be fair, we must remember that while this was going inside:

Obama accepts nomination part 1

Obama accepts nomination part 2

this was happening right outside the front door:

Police slam protestor to the ground

Protestors attack Fox News reporter and cameraman

Music video with photos from outside the convention

Yeah, I know, "Re-create '68!" Now you'll have to forgive me if I'm wrong about this, after all, I was only seven years old at the time, but wasn't '68 the "Summer of Love"? Or was that '67? I dunno, after thirty years these details get all foggy.

And as I close today's entry, I suppose I should bring in something that I did not realize when I watched Barack Obama's speech on my 13" television screen. The setting for his podium, it turns out, will fuel the imaginations of conspiracy fans for months to come: Speech Podium or Greek Temple?

So there you have it, my friends. Idolatry is alive and well in the modern U.S. Not that any serious observer has ever doubted it, mind you. Still, I do wish we'd learn some lessons from the past. Before it's too late.

August 25, 2008

I don't like coincidences

One of the tricks programmers use is called a binary tree sorting algorithm. The way it works is pretty simple. Instead of going down a list from top to bottom, you jump to the middle and evaluate which side of the list has your targeted information. Then you jump to the middle of that side and repeat the process, eliminating half the remaining data with each step. This is much faster, and in complex situations much more accurate, than starting at the top of a list and working your way down. If you know you're going to be basing your searches on binary trees, you can even set special tags on each data node indicating that node's relationship to the data immediately surrounding it. By checking the information in the tag with each middle node you land on, you can often eliminate a lot more than half the remaining data, which makes the process even faster.

So what does this have to do with coincidences? There are still sociologists who believe that not only is it possible to program society, it is desirable. For these scholars there exist two distinct groups of people: those they know and the vast bulk of humanity that cannot be trusted and cannot be known. Since there are people they do not like and do not trust among those they know, then it only stands to reason the bulk of humanity also contains such people. As a result, their research is dedicated to finding ways to reprogram "dangerous elements" in society without those "dangerous elements" realizing they are being manipulated.

Mass media is a tool these sociologists just love.

So when I find an article in the Washington Post that states unequivocally that we enjoy sexual scandals in our leaders because it relates to the "reptilian brain" inside each of us and on the same day I find an article at CNN detailing how young people trade sex for gifts and favors, I immediately see the hand of someone, somewhere who is trying to convince both the well read and the casual consumer that prostitution is both natural and normal.

Now why would they want to do this? Simple, in the short term there is a lot of money to be made through sex tours while in the long term if people are conditioned to believe that men in leadership positions have both greater allure and stronger needs than the rest of us, then illicit sexual encounters by those in leadership become both socially acceptable and desirable evidence of their ability to lead. When (not "if", but "when", for the day is coming soon) our world becomes a global dictatorship run and managed by a monied elite who consider the rest of us to be nothing more than peons existing solely for the twin purposes of worshipping their wisdom and serving their every whim, they won't want their dalliances to be seen as selfish, egocentric personal pleasure at the cost of another person's dignity and honor. No, in their ideal world the rest of us will cheer them on when they pluck an attractive peasant from our midst and take her to the castle for a night, rewarding her in the morning with a new dress or a few silver pennies.

There are no coincidences, my friends. We are being treated like robots in need of better programming. I don't know who is managing this hidden in plain sight theft of our freedom and dignity, but I know where their playground is, I know who their lead priestess is, and I know what their goal is. The New World Order is not a democracy, nor is it a confederation of sovereign nations. It is a dictatorship founded on a nobility composed of today's monied elite.

Saddest of all, it might be impossible to prevent.

August 22, 2008

At it again

Where to start, where to start?

Okay, the most important thing is I've decided to keep writing this blog. In all honesty, I was so disgusted with some of the information I gathered on the eighteenth that I very nearly closed out this blog and started another. I guess one big advantage of having a "meandering mind" is that I'm not locked into any one theme. For better or worse, I can wander wherever my imagination takes me and write about anything that sparks my interest.

So, after ten days of bemoaning the way the Bush-Cheney team has stolen the United States of America right out from under the feet of the law-abiding, taxpaying citizens that elected them in good faith, I spent today doing something entirely different:

I've started going for long walks. Not every morning, but I do plan to work up to that. On one of my walks I took a stroll down Omekaido, a major thoroughfare that passes near where I live. Since I had a brand new video camera to play with, I took it along and shot about forty minutes of street scenes. A couple days later I went for a walk in Inogashira-koen, a park and zoo near where I used to work.

Sometime in the last decade (and I am not certain exactly when) Inogashira-koen managed to get itself listed as a "wildlife preserve". Considering the nature of a real wildlife preserve (like Black Marble Mountain, which is near my hometown), I really do chuckle every single time I see that faded red sign stating "wildlife protection area". I mean, really! Just because ten or fifteen migrating waterfowl spend a couple weeks on the park pond once a year does not mean the park itself warrants a fancy designation (along with all the international aide and support that comes with such a designation!) intended for the protection of genuine wildlands.

Anyway. The background music is all done with GarageBand, the video editing was done in iMovie and then exported as a QuickTime movie before uploading to YouTube. The real movie is quite beautiful, but there is something about the YouTube processing that really chews up the detail and reduces it to anonymous blobs. YouTube also lightened the overall tone for some reason. The actual movie has much better color saturation.

Oh, well. All in all a successful experiment. Far from ideal, but still a success!

August 21, 2008

National debt as a feature film?

I have to be honest, I'm not certain this will work. On the other hand, I am thrilled the public debt is finally getting more mainstream attention!

And I even dug up the trailer!

And an interview:

And, of course, the official I.O.U.S.A. the Movie Website.

August 19, 2008

Is anyone else watching the news?

I really do not know what to say. The movie I embedded yesterday, "The Money Masters" is thirteen years old! The past three weeks has seen an absolute blizzard of news reports laying out step by step how America has been driven into non-existence and her true masters are preparing to step forward and take command of the reins.

I am deadly serious about this, my friends. The United States as a sovereign state no longer exists. As far as I can piece together, it has not existed since the end of World War 2! The reason we have sacrificed tens of thousands of our best and brightest in undeclared wars over the past six decades is because we no longer have the authority to declare a war! If we did, it would be an international crime subjecting our national leaders and every single service member involved in the action to the whimsies of what has become an arbitrary and unreliable World Court. The last real tribunal conducted according to international law was at Nuremberg (and even that was more dog and pony show than real justice). Everything since has been public relations stunts designed to prepare us for the "New World Order", a dictatorship of the superrich and their friends.

Last summer I told a friend that selling US Treasury bonds to the Chinese government was the last great mistake any American president will make. Those sales have given China complete control over our economy, and through our economy, our country. And who is backing the Chinese purchase? The Bank of China. And who is backing the Bank of China? The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which in turn is controlled by the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Bank, and countless others, all of which are privately controlled. And who are those private individuals? Nearly every family with royal blood anywhere in the world: The British Royals, the Saudi Royals, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and others. Altogether, about three or four dozen families control every National bank in the world.

The current food crisis (remember that? right now tens of thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of people in the world's poorest countries are starving because they cannot buy food!) is only the barest tip of the iceberg. I don't want to become a conspiracy nut, but when CNN broadcasts reports like this one:

I really do not know what else to think.

It's all over. As I first predicted to scorn and ridicule back in high school when my only evidence was the Bible, our world is rapidly drawing to a close. It no longer matters if this is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy or just the natural consequence of selfish, egocentric men and women with too much money and too little concern for the rest of us.

Our world has ended. The final chapter has been opened. I hope you have prepared for it. In a few more months, it will be too late.

(added several hour later)

I am torn, deeply and profoundly. I want to see a world where people in all countries enjoy the same freedoms I enjoyed as a young man. On the other hand, I also know that much of the world is not ready for this kind of freedom. Not that they lack intelligence or wisdom or something along those lines. No, what they lack is much simpler: the will to treat all people as equals.

But here. Watch this last video and make up your own mind.

And I think I'm going to leave it at that, or at least I'm going to try to. The whole situation has become too extreme for my simple country heart to handle. I was raised to believe in family, God, and country, and in that order. They've taken away my country and given it to royal families with lineages going back to Rome. They've gone out of their way to discredit God through gross misrepresentation and implementation of policies that only serve to make God-fearing people appear insane. My sons distrust me and my wife barely tolerates my "eccentricities".

I think, from this point on, I'm going to sit back and take the role of spectator. This is the world so many of you have desired for so long, so I suppose it's only fair that this is the world you're finally getting. I have spent my whole life opposing elitists and hyper-ambitious egocentrics. I saved prostitutes from your predations. I rescued your victims from midnight alleyways. I spoke the truth with sincerity and simplicity and won over many only to watch almost all of them fall prey to hypocrites preaching health, wealth and prosperity.

To those of you who wanted a world based on "wisemen and wealth", I humbly present your New World Order. It's here and now and all around you. I won't take your chip, no matter how convenient it would make my life, and I won't abandon my relationship with Christ even if you lock me away in a padded room and fill me with psychotropic drugs. No celestial illusion will convince me my God is not real, no space-based light show will convince me history is false. When the time comes I will stand silent with the saints in humble sorrow as judgement is finally unleashed.

I have sounded the warning for three decades. Even when I was silent, my life itself bore blunt testimony to the truth. My only regret is that so few people were willing to hear what I had to say.

August 18, 2008

America: Home of the Globalist Flea Market

Lou Dobbs once again manages to bring to the forefront a critical story the rest of the media is intent on ignoring. The Department of Commerce, charged with monitoring the commercial activity of the United States and recommending ways the Federal Government can help American business at home and abroad, has now decided their real purpose is to let the world come into the United States and buy up anything and everything. Immigration laws are not being enforced, the American military has become the Bush family's private army, and now foreign investors are given priority over American families seeking homes, offices, and farms.

The United States is not dying, my friends, it is dead and gone and now exists only in the fevered imaginations of the last patriots.

(added later in the afternoon)

One last video from my sister. To my great surprise, this was produced and distributed in 1995 (judging from internal evidence). Here we are 13 years later and every day we draw one step closer to the final stages of a One World Government under the control of royal families with lineages going back at least five hundred years (and in some cases all the way back to the Roman Empire).

Why has no one risen to the task of challenging these arrogant, selfish, ego-driven elitists? Truly nothing short of Christ's return will save us now.

August 17, 2008

Two videos from my sister

I think I might have to move to Georgia (the American state) just so I can support this woman's continuing political career!

As I typed that line, I was struck by the coincidental correspondence of names. A Congresswoman from the State of Georgia is a thorn in the side of the Bush-Cheney team (I love how she crucifies Rumsfeld) and last week the Bush-Cheney team prodded the Nation of Georgia into a military conflict they could not win.

I don't like coincidences. Not in today's world. Too often history later reveals there was nothing coincidental about it at all.

(this second half was added several hours later)

I should have been more trusting. I should have watched this video before making my blog post.

Let me apologize to my sister who sent me these two video links. These two documentaries are horrifying in their use of details and the incredible storm of facts they present to defend their cases. I should not have assumed watching them would be a waste of time. You're right, the information presented in these documentatries is unbelievable. I wish you'd sent me these two video links three months ago.

Now, to my other three loyal readers:

Friends, it does not matter what nation you live in. The full-frontal assault that is taking place on American sovereignty in full view of anyone who cares to look is also happening behind the scenes in your country. Your leaders are giving away your country. Very soon, probably within eighteen months and possibly by year-end, the powers that be will stop pretending and announce that they have gone about this consolidation of global power in order to better serve your needs and make your life easier.

At first, it will be true. At first, it will feel as if a humanitarian utopia has been achieved.

When it all falls apart a short time later, when the armies gather and the genocide begins, remember, you were warned. Not only did Bible-believing Christians point to the prophecies they have cherished and protected for two millennia, but above and beyond any crazy conspiracy theory concocted by lunatic Jesus Freaks like me, your own secular scientists and scholars have been telling you this for the past decade.

If will listen to neither God's prophets nor secular scholars, then when the judgement comes how can you honestly expect not to be held accountable?

August 13, 2008

Birth pains of a Global Dictatorship

(This post may take a few minutes to load. Please be patient.)
(Altogether there are three days worth of news stories here. Start reading at the top, watch the videos, and if you can stomach it, please keep reading to the end.)

The final pieces are falling into place. It began on July 30th when George Bush signed an executive order that reorganized the United States intelligence network and put the assets of the world's greatest intelligence gathering system firmly in the hands of a domestic intelligence agency, the National Director of Intelligence, who reports directly to the president. That announcement is here: Bush signs EO 12333.

Within days the Washington Post also carried an article describing how police agencies throughout the United States have begun using advanced GPS tracking devices to trail after criminals of all kinds. No, this is not science fiction, nor is it some kind of wild eschatological fantasy about the coming judgement of God, this is real and happening right now. If "criminal" becomes defined as "persons who are not in agreement with the status quo", then EO 12333 and GPS tracking by local police forces will allow the president himself to order the surveillance and arrest of anyone, anywhere in the United States for any reason. That article is here: Police use GPS to track criminals

The Washington Post also reports that not only has Bush gone to the Olympics in full support of China's communist regime with their dismal record on human rights, but he is wholeheartedly participating in Chinese propaganda by taking part in interviews with government-sponsored Chinese networks. That article is here: Bush criticized for interviews. It is important to note that these interviews took place the day after Bush signed EO 12333. And yes, for China, the Olympics is merely a grand propaganda exercise. Need proof? Read this: Empty seats at Olympic events to be filled by government-sponsored onlookers.

Do you see what is happening here, people? China is using the Olympics to validate itself as an open, progressive nation (which it most certainly is NOT), and the American presidency is being used like a sock puppet propaganda character to legitimize that validity!

So who the heck is pulling the puppet's strings? Big oil:

I know, I know, the die hard conspiracy fans out there will point out that it is the Satanic Evil Bankers who control the world not Big Oil, right? Guess who is slowly but steadily gaining control of those bankers:

Even scholars and academics are beginning to wonder what the heck is going on, and they are not amused:

And all of this has taken place in the last fourteen days! In all honesty, I do not want to become some kind of conspiracy nut, but really, when they make it this obvious that the world no longer functions for the benefit of the people who do the work to keep it going, what else can I conclude? The superrich now have our global political and economic system fully under thumb. We can expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing happening over the next few months, followed by the full, public recognition and announcement that nations no longer mean anything and the United Nations is in charge. I'm thinking this winter, next spring at the latest. I am here and now predicting that within eighteen months we will have a functioning, fully acknowledged One World Government. I'd bet money on it if I could find somebody foolish enough to take the bet.

It is true that a One World Government would mean greater peace and prosperity for everyone. at least in the beginning. Keep in mind though, history clearly shows that every empire that has ever arisen sooner or later falls into corruption, oppression, genocide, and widespread slaughter of anyone who opposes their agenda. Human-driven consolidation of global power cannot succeed, or at least not for long. We humans are creatures of selfishness, egocentricity, and cruelty. This is what the Bible means when it talks about our "sinful nature". We are unredeemable sinners. The only thing that can lift us above our animal nature is the blood of Christ empowered by his resurrection on the third day. This is why the Anti-Christ can, and will, take over the coming One World Government and use it for his personal benefit. He is the embodiment of our sinful nature, which can only express itself as full opposition to both everything God desires for us and everything Christ accomplished through his death, burial and resurrection.

The end is not near, my friends, the end is here and now and we are living it.


Update on August 15, 2008
(because it seems the pace is picking up):

Lou Dobbs reports that instead of tasking someone like the FBI or NSA with helping them improve internal security, the Department of Homeland Security is creating it's own internal department tasked with protecting it from espionage agents at home and abroad. Specifically, the new division will help protect DHS members who travel abroad and members of the US Congress both at home and abroad.

This puts DHS, which is a subset of the new structure created by EO 12333, in an odd position. One cannot help but wonder if this new initiative by DHS is designed to enhance or counter the provisions of EO 12333. Did Michael Chertoff not understand his copy of EO 12333 or is this how he plans to implement it? Does this new initiative increase the separation between the Federal government and American citizens, or will it set DHS to spying on the new head of intelligence created by EO 12333?

I cannot help but wonder how this new initiative fits into the overall pattern of the Bush-Cheney executive team toward a presidency that is more isolated and independent from external checks and balances. What's going on, Mr. Chertoff? Are you setting DHS in opposition to the new department head or in greater support of the executive branch itself?


Update on August 16, 2008
(because new stuff is hitting the wires on a daily basis now!):

While their people gazed in horror at events unfolding in Georgia, the Bush-Cheney team pushed through yet another measure designed to transform the United States into a dictatorship and simplify the transfer of direct control to the United Nations. Perhaps my initial prediction of eighteen months was optimistic. It is honestly beginning to appear that whoever is behind this illegal and immoral consolidation of the global body politic is determined to step forward and take charge by year-end.

The Washington Post story laying out this latest atrocity is here: Justice Department Eases Domestic Spying Controls

My fellow Americans and world citizens, take your eyes off the Olympic spectacle and cease your morbid fascination with celebrity babies! Your governments are selling you like slaves and transforming free nations into labor pools that will be allowed no greater aspiration than service to the economic elite.

Freedom is dying! Where is the outcry? Where is the call to arms?

August 10, 2008

CHS All-Class Reunion 2008

I graduated from Calistoga High School in 1979. Where is "Calistoga", you ask? It is the northern most town in the world famous Napa Valley wine growing region. The year I graduated from high school the population was just over five thousand. According to the city website, the current population is about the same. There were forty-two students in my class. Two of those were not awarded diplomas and two more were not allowed to attend the graduation ceremony. Altogether, a whopping thirty-eight shining young faces accepted diplomas on that hot, dry June day.

Our ten-year reunion produced a few surprises. For starters, a surprising number of our best and brightest described themselves as "between jobs". The son of the local contractor had dramatically expanded the reach of his father's company. At the ten-year mark, he was far and away the most successful of us. The class beauty was still lovely, but her husband looked a little ragged around the edges. There was one friend of mine in high school who had been pudgy and unpopular, but for the ten-year reunion she outshone the former class beauty by a substantial margin.

Therefore, when I heard that instead of having our own thirty-year reunion we were gathering this year (at the twenty-nine year mark) at the irregular but always popular "All-Class Reunion" the alumni association manages to get organized every three years or so, I immediately made plans to be there. The whole idea was so exciting that on the way out I bought a new video camera at the Duty Free shop in Narita airport. I figured it would be an excellent opportunity to start experimenting with videography and iMovie!

I got a lot more than I bargained for! There were almost five hundred people in attendance when we all finally gathered together on August 2nd. Students from the prohibition period to the most recent decade. Somewhere in that swarm of people were a couple attendees who remembered the damage done to the local wine industry by prohibition! I've been to fancier events and I've been to larger events, but seeing all that history gathered together in one room with the common thread being something as simple as graduating from the same high school was, for me, an awe-inspiring sight.

For better or worse, I spent most of my time talking to old friends and getting caught up with everyone. Twenty-one people from my class attended, which also gave us the largest group of representatives from any year present. Good food and an open bar has always been a big draw for my class! Sadly, that also meant I didn't take much video footage. The next day I found myself wondering if I should have let Kazuko do the talking and recorded everything. I'm glad I didn't though. It would have been a lot less fun.

(This update was added 12 hours later.)

Edit: I also uploaded a much longer video (23 minutes) with footage from my hometown, members of my family, and footage from San Francisco, all backed up with my own GarageBand melodies! You can find it here: California 8-2008.