August 18, 2008

America: Home of the Globalist Flea Market

Lou Dobbs once again manages to bring to the forefront a critical story the rest of the media is intent on ignoring. The Department of Commerce, charged with monitoring the commercial activity of the United States and recommending ways the Federal Government can help American business at home and abroad, has now decided their real purpose is to let the world come into the United States and buy up anything and everything. Immigration laws are not being enforced, the American military has become the Bush family's private army, and now foreign investors are given priority over American families seeking homes, offices, and farms.

The United States is not dying, my friends, it is dead and gone and now exists only in the fevered imaginations of the last patriots.

(added later in the afternoon)

One last video from my sister. To my great surprise, this was produced and distributed in 1995 (judging from internal evidence). Here we are 13 years later and every day we draw one step closer to the final stages of a One World Government under the control of royal families with lineages going back at least five hundred years (and in some cases all the way back to the Roman Empire).

Why has no one risen to the task of challenging these arrogant, selfish, ego-driven elitists? Truly nothing short of Christ's return will save us now.