August 22, 2008

At it again

Where to start, where to start?

Okay, the most important thing is I've decided to keep writing this blog. In all honesty, I was so disgusted with some of the information I gathered on the eighteenth that I very nearly closed out this blog and started another. I guess one big advantage of having a "meandering mind" is that I'm not locked into any one theme. For better or worse, I can wander wherever my imagination takes me and write about anything that sparks my interest.

So, after ten days of bemoaning the way the Bush-Cheney team has stolen the United States of America right out from under the feet of the law-abiding, taxpaying citizens that elected them in good faith, I spent today doing something entirely different:

I've started going for long walks. Not every morning, but I do plan to work up to that. On one of my walks I took a stroll down Omekaido, a major thoroughfare that passes near where I live. Since I had a brand new video camera to play with, I took it along and shot about forty minutes of street scenes. A couple days later I went for a walk in Inogashira-koen, a park and zoo near where I used to work.

Sometime in the last decade (and I am not certain exactly when) Inogashira-koen managed to get itself listed as a "wildlife preserve". Considering the nature of a real wildlife preserve (like Black Marble Mountain, which is near my hometown), I really do chuckle every single time I see that faded red sign stating "wildlife protection area". I mean, really! Just because ten or fifteen migrating waterfowl spend a couple weeks on the park pond once a year does not mean the park itself warrants a fancy designation (along with all the international aide and support that comes with such a designation!) intended for the protection of genuine wildlands.

Anyway. The background music is all done with GarageBand, the video editing was done in iMovie and then exported as a QuickTime movie before uploading to YouTube. The real movie is quite beautiful, but there is something about the YouTube processing that really chews up the detail and reduces it to anonymous blobs. YouTube also lightened the overall tone for some reason. The actual movie has much better color saturation.

Oh, well. All in all a successful experiment. Far from ideal, but still a success!