August 13, 2008

Birth pains of a Global Dictatorship

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(Altogether there are three days worth of news stories here. Start reading at the top, watch the videos, and if you can stomach it, please keep reading to the end.)

The final pieces are falling into place. It began on July 30th when George Bush signed an executive order that reorganized the United States intelligence network and put the assets of the world's greatest intelligence gathering system firmly in the hands of a domestic intelligence agency, the National Director of Intelligence, who reports directly to the president. That announcement is here: Bush signs EO 12333.

Within days the Washington Post also carried an article describing how police agencies throughout the United States have begun using advanced GPS tracking devices to trail after criminals of all kinds. No, this is not science fiction, nor is it some kind of wild eschatological fantasy about the coming judgement of God, this is real and happening right now. If "criminal" becomes defined as "persons who are not in agreement with the status quo", then EO 12333 and GPS tracking by local police forces will allow the president himself to order the surveillance and arrest of anyone, anywhere in the United States for any reason. That article is here: Police use GPS to track criminals

The Washington Post also reports that not only has Bush gone to the Olympics in full support of China's communist regime with their dismal record on human rights, but he is wholeheartedly participating in Chinese propaganda by taking part in interviews with government-sponsored Chinese networks. That article is here: Bush criticized for interviews. It is important to note that these interviews took place the day after Bush signed EO 12333. And yes, for China, the Olympics is merely a grand propaganda exercise. Need proof? Read this: Empty seats at Olympic events to be filled by government-sponsored onlookers.

Do you see what is happening here, people? China is using the Olympics to validate itself as an open, progressive nation (which it most certainly is NOT), and the American presidency is being used like a sock puppet propaganda character to legitimize that validity!

So who the heck is pulling the puppet's strings? Big oil:

I know, I know, the die hard conspiracy fans out there will point out that it is the Satanic Evil Bankers who control the world not Big Oil, right? Guess who is slowly but steadily gaining control of those bankers:

Even scholars and academics are beginning to wonder what the heck is going on, and they are not amused:

And all of this has taken place in the last fourteen days! In all honesty, I do not want to become some kind of conspiracy nut, but really, when they make it this obvious that the world no longer functions for the benefit of the people who do the work to keep it going, what else can I conclude? The superrich now have our global political and economic system fully under thumb. We can expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing happening over the next few months, followed by the full, public recognition and announcement that nations no longer mean anything and the United Nations is in charge. I'm thinking this winter, next spring at the latest. I am here and now predicting that within eighteen months we will have a functioning, fully acknowledged One World Government. I'd bet money on it if I could find somebody foolish enough to take the bet.

It is true that a One World Government would mean greater peace and prosperity for everyone. at least in the beginning. Keep in mind though, history clearly shows that every empire that has ever arisen sooner or later falls into corruption, oppression, genocide, and widespread slaughter of anyone who opposes their agenda. Human-driven consolidation of global power cannot succeed, or at least not for long. We humans are creatures of selfishness, egocentricity, and cruelty. This is what the Bible means when it talks about our "sinful nature". We are unredeemable sinners. The only thing that can lift us above our animal nature is the blood of Christ empowered by his resurrection on the third day. This is why the Anti-Christ can, and will, take over the coming One World Government and use it for his personal benefit. He is the embodiment of our sinful nature, which can only express itself as full opposition to both everything God desires for us and everything Christ accomplished through his death, burial and resurrection.

The end is not near, my friends, the end is here and now and we are living it.


Update on August 15, 2008
(because it seems the pace is picking up):

Lou Dobbs reports that instead of tasking someone like the FBI or NSA with helping them improve internal security, the Department of Homeland Security is creating it's own internal department tasked with protecting it from espionage agents at home and abroad. Specifically, the new division will help protect DHS members who travel abroad and members of the US Congress both at home and abroad.

This puts DHS, which is a subset of the new structure created by EO 12333, in an odd position. One cannot help but wonder if this new initiative by DHS is designed to enhance or counter the provisions of EO 12333. Did Michael Chertoff not understand his copy of EO 12333 or is this how he plans to implement it? Does this new initiative increase the separation between the Federal government and American citizens, or will it set DHS to spying on the new head of intelligence created by EO 12333?

I cannot help but wonder how this new initiative fits into the overall pattern of the Bush-Cheney executive team toward a presidency that is more isolated and independent from external checks and balances. What's going on, Mr. Chertoff? Are you setting DHS in opposition to the new department head or in greater support of the executive branch itself?


Update on August 16, 2008
(because new stuff is hitting the wires on a daily basis now!):

While their people gazed in horror at events unfolding in Georgia, the Bush-Cheney team pushed through yet another measure designed to transform the United States into a dictatorship and simplify the transfer of direct control to the United Nations. Perhaps my initial prediction of eighteen months was optimistic. It is honestly beginning to appear that whoever is behind this illegal and immoral consolidation of the global body politic is determined to step forward and take charge by year-end.

The Washington Post story laying out this latest atrocity is here: Justice Department Eases Domestic Spying Controls

My fellow Americans and world citizens, take your eyes off the Olympic spectacle and cease your morbid fascination with celebrity babies! Your governments are selling you like slaves and transforming free nations into labor pools that will be allowed no greater aspiration than service to the economic elite.

Freedom is dying! Where is the outcry? Where is the call to arms?