August 25, 2008

I don't like coincidences

One of the tricks programmers use is called a binary tree sorting algorithm. The way it works is pretty simple. Instead of going down a list from top to bottom, you jump to the middle and evaluate which side of the list has your targeted information. Then you jump to the middle of that side and repeat the process, eliminating half the remaining data with each step. This is much faster, and in complex situations much more accurate, than starting at the top of a list and working your way down. If you know you're going to be basing your searches on binary trees, you can even set special tags on each data node indicating that node's relationship to the data immediately surrounding it. By checking the information in the tag with each middle node you land on, you can often eliminate a lot more than half the remaining data, which makes the process even faster.

So what does this have to do with coincidences? There are still sociologists who believe that not only is it possible to program society, it is desirable. For these scholars there exist two distinct groups of people: those they know and the vast bulk of humanity that cannot be trusted and cannot be known. Since there are people they do not like and do not trust among those they know, then it only stands to reason the bulk of humanity also contains such people. As a result, their research is dedicated to finding ways to reprogram "dangerous elements" in society without those "dangerous elements" realizing they are being manipulated.

Mass media is a tool these sociologists just love.

So when I find an article in the Washington Post that states unequivocally that we enjoy sexual scandals in our leaders because it relates to the "reptilian brain" inside each of us and on the same day I find an article at CNN detailing how young people trade sex for gifts and favors, I immediately see the hand of someone, somewhere who is trying to convince both the well read and the casual consumer that prostitution is both natural and normal.

Now why would they want to do this? Simple, in the short term there is a lot of money to be made through sex tours while in the long term if people are conditioned to believe that men in leadership positions have both greater allure and stronger needs than the rest of us, then illicit sexual encounters by those in leadership become both socially acceptable and desirable evidence of their ability to lead. When (not "if", but "when", for the day is coming soon) our world becomes a global dictatorship run and managed by a monied elite who consider the rest of us to be nothing more than peons existing solely for the twin purposes of worshipping their wisdom and serving their every whim, they won't want their dalliances to be seen as selfish, egocentric personal pleasure at the cost of another person's dignity and honor. No, in their ideal world the rest of us will cheer them on when they pluck an attractive peasant from our midst and take her to the castle for a night, rewarding her in the morning with a new dress or a few silver pennies.

There are no coincidences, my friends. We are being treated like robots in need of better programming. I don't know who is managing this hidden in plain sight theft of our freedom and dignity, but I know where their playground is, I know who their lead priestess is, and I know what their goal is. The New World Order is not a democracy, nor is it a confederation of sovereign nations. It is a dictatorship founded on a nobility composed of today's monied elite.

Saddest of all, it might be impossible to prevent.