August 17, 2008

Two videos from my sister

I think I might have to move to Georgia (the American state) just so I can support this woman's continuing political career!

As I typed that line, I was struck by the coincidental correspondence of names. A Congresswoman from the State of Georgia is a thorn in the side of the Bush-Cheney team (I love how she crucifies Rumsfeld) and last week the Bush-Cheney team prodded the Nation of Georgia into a military conflict they could not win.

I don't like coincidences. Not in today's world. Too often history later reveals there was nothing coincidental about it at all.

(this second half was added several hours later)

I should have been more trusting. I should have watched this video before making my blog post.

Let me apologize to my sister who sent me these two video links. These two documentaries are horrifying in their use of details and the incredible storm of facts they present to defend their cases. I should not have assumed watching them would be a waste of time. You're right, the information presented in these documentatries is unbelievable. I wish you'd sent me these two video links three months ago.

Now, to my other three loyal readers:

Friends, it does not matter what nation you live in. The full-frontal assault that is taking place on American sovereignty in full view of anyone who cares to look is also happening behind the scenes in your country. Your leaders are giving away your country. Very soon, probably within eighteen months and possibly by year-end, the powers that be will stop pretending and announce that they have gone about this consolidation of global power in order to better serve your needs and make your life easier.

At first, it will be true. At first, it will feel as if a humanitarian utopia has been achieved.

When it all falls apart a short time later, when the armies gather and the genocide begins, remember, you were warned. Not only did Bible-believing Christians point to the prophecies they have cherished and protected for two millennia, but above and beyond any crazy conspiracy theory concocted by lunatic Jesus Freaks like me, your own secular scientists and scholars have been telling you this for the past decade.

If will listen to neither God's prophets nor secular scholars, then when the judgement comes how can you honestly expect not to be held accountable?