August 29, 2008

Idols of our time

August 30, 2008

Wow, fast and furious! The excesses of the growing dictatorial designs of the Bush-Cheney team never seem to take a day off! Assuming, of course, the Whitehouse is actually running the clown and pony show the country has turned into over the past eight years. They claim to be, so if they are, then this is also part of their design: Police Raid RNC Protest Planning Party. I guess pizza and beer are unpatriotic nowadays.

Although, in fairness I must also add that they are taking Gustav a lot more seriously than they took Katrina.: Gustav Prompts Talk of Convention Changes.

No one seems to have noticed that "G" comes before "K". Perhaps this year we will have the 5-5 (five category five hurricanes) season they were expecting back in 2005.


August 29, 2008

Judges 17 & 18 tells the story of a fellow named, "Micah". He stole some money from his mother. When she discovered it missing, she called down a curse on whoever might have taken it. Right away we know we have a problem. Not only has he stolen money from his own mother, but she is resorting to magic to avenge herself!

So Micah returns the money and his mother is so happy with him she commissions a couple of idols for him (no one knows which gods, but my best guess would be Astarte, the local version of Ishtar, and Moloch, who is sometimes called Baal). Micah now has his own private shrine, adding idolatry on top of theft and sorcery.

Wow, what a family, eh?

Well, my friends, I tell you what, the modern times are not all that much different. I turned on my computer this morning and went to CNN looking for news of either the growing tension between the U.S. and Russia or some updates from the Democratic National Convention. Instead, I find this: Gold Statue of Kate Moss is the Largest since Egypt.

Honestly, I don't want to be judgmental. I want to be open-minded and compassionate and assure everyone that the world is going to get better very soon. I really do. Events just keep throwing stuff like golden statues of Kate Moss in front of me which leaves me wondering who in the world decided they needed a 50 kg statue of an aging fashion model? Why didn't they use that money for something more important, like a new library for their local high school, medicine for the local free clinic, or even a month's worth of food for the local Salvation Army shelter and soup kitchen? Seriously, what earthly good will be accomplished by a giant golden statue of Kate Moss? I don't get it!

So, about fifteen minutes later, the page refreshes and this pops up: Putin Accuses the U.S. of Orchestrating the Georgian Conflict.

Personally, I'd already figured that much out for myself. Condolezza Rice visited Georgia while she was running around in that neighborhood trying to sell a missile pact to the Poland and Czech governments. A month later to the day Georgia invaded South Ossetia. Wow, talk about deja vu! Didn't the same kind of thing way back in 1991? Albright visited Saddam Hussein and a month later he invaded Kuwait. Who in the blazes is running our government these days? Is the Bush family really that insane that both Father and Son will manufacture wars just to win a little political clout? As I said a couple days ago, after too many coincidences the facts stop being coincidental. There is something very wrong going on in Washington and it looks to me like the current George Bush is trying to whip up a limited nuclear war so he can declare martial law, disband Congress, force the North American Union into reality, and become the King of North America.

And if anyone has been reading this blog, you'll know that I have been predicting martial law practically from the day George Junior took office way back in 2001. These are not accidental twists of policy, my friends. This has been his goal right from the beginning.

So, I turn on CNN on the television instead and watch Barack Obama give his speech. I really enjoyed that. If he can pull off everything he claims to want to do, then yes, the world will be a much better place five years from now. Of course, to be fair, we must remember that while this was going inside:

Obama accepts nomination part 1

Obama accepts nomination part 2

this was happening right outside the front door:

Police slam protestor to the ground

Protestors attack Fox News reporter and cameraman

Music video with photos from outside the convention

Yeah, I know, "Re-create '68!" Now you'll have to forgive me if I'm wrong about this, after all, I was only seven years old at the time, but wasn't '68 the "Summer of Love"? Or was that '67? I dunno, after thirty years these details get all foggy.

And as I close today's entry, I suppose I should bring in something that I did not realize when I watched Barack Obama's speech on my 13" television screen. The setting for his podium, it turns out, will fuel the imaginations of conspiracy fans for months to come: Speech Podium or Greek Temple?

So there you have it, my friends. Idolatry is alive and well in the modern U.S. Not that any serious observer has ever doubted it, mind you. Still, I do wish we'd learn some lessons from the past. Before it's too late.