August 19, 2008

Is anyone else watching the news?

I really do not know what to say. The movie I embedded yesterday, "The Money Masters" is thirteen years old! The past three weeks has seen an absolute blizzard of news reports laying out step by step how America has been driven into non-existence and her true masters are preparing to step forward and take command of the reins.

I am deadly serious about this, my friends. The United States as a sovereign state no longer exists. As far as I can piece together, it has not existed since the end of World War 2! The reason we have sacrificed tens of thousands of our best and brightest in undeclared wars over the past six decades is because we no longer have the authority to declare a war! If we did, it would be an international crime subjecting our national leaders and every single service member involved in the action to the whimsies of what has become an arbitrary and unreliable World Court. The last real tribunal conducted according to international law was at Nuremberg (and even that was more dog and pony show than real justice). Everything since has been public relations stunts designed to prepare us for the "New World Order", a dictatorship of the superrich and their friends.

Last summer I told a friend that selling US Treasury bonds to the Chinese government was the last great mistake any American president will make. Those sales have given China complete control over our economy, and through our economy, our country. And who is backing the Chinese purchase? The Bank of China. And who is backing the Bank of China? The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which in turn is controlled by the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Bank, and countless others, all of which are privately controlled. And who are those private individuals? Nearly every family with royal blood anywhere in the world: The British Royals, the Saudi Royals, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and others. Altogether, about three or four dozen families control every National bank in the world.

The current food crisis (remember that? right now tens of thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of people in the world's poorest countries are starving because they cannot buy food!) is only the barest tip of the iceberg. I don't want to become a conspiracy nut, but when CNN broadcasts reports like this one:

I really do not know what else to think.

It's all over. As I first predicted to scorn and ridicule back in high school when my only evidence was the Bible, our world is rapidly drawing to a close. It no longer matters if this is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy or just the natural consequence of selfish, egocentric men and women with too much money and too little concern for the rest of us.

Our world has ended. The final chapter has been opened. I hope you have prepared for it. In a few more months, it will be too late.

(added several hour later)

I am torn, deeply and profoundly. I want to see a world where people in all countries enjoy the same freedoms I enjoyed as a young man. On the other hand, I also know that much of the world is not ready for this kind of freedom. Not that they lack intelligence or wisdom or something along those lines. No, what they lack is much simpler: the will to treat all people as equals.

But here. Watch this last video and make up your own mind.

And I think I'm going to leave it at that, or at least I'm going to try to. The whole situation has become too extreme for my simple country heart to handle. I was raised to believe in family, God, and country, and in that order. They've taken away my country and given it to royal families with lineages going back to Rome. They've gone out of their way to discredit God through gross misrepresentation and implementation of policies that only serve to make God-fearing people appear insane. My sons distrust me and my wife barely tolerates my "eccentricities".

I think, from this point on, I'm going to sit back and take the role of spectator. This is the world so many of you have desired for so long, so I suppose it's only fair that this is the world you're finally getting. I have spent my whole life opposing elitists and hyper-ambitious egocentrics. I saved prostitutes from your predations. I rescued your victims from midnight alleyways. I spoke the truth with sincerity and simplicity and won over many only to watch almost all of them fall prey to hypocrites preaching health, wealth and prosperity.

To those of you who wanted a world based on "wisemen and wealth", I humbly present your New World Order. It's here and now and all around you. I won't take your chip, no matter how convenient it would make my life, and I won't abandon my relationship with Christ even if you lock me away in a padded room and fill me with psychotropic drugs. No celestial illusion will convince me my God is not real, no space-based light show will convince me history is false. When the time comes I will stand silent with the saints in humble sorrow as judgement is finally unleashed.

I have sounded the warning for three decades. Even when I was silent, my life itself bore blunt testimony to the truth. My only regret is that so few people were willing to hear what I had to say.