September 25, 2008

Dare I hope the elitists can be stopped cold?

I have great faith in God. I have great faith in righteous people standing firm in defense of what is right. I have no faith in elitist bankers and financiers who live in an egocentric cocoon defined solely on the basis of their personal desires. When good people in high positions take a stand in defense of what is right and proper, then evil is cast aside and there is no need for God to personally intervene.

I have spent thirty years watching the most despicable elitists in every country of the world building Lucifer's One World Kingdom. I have cried out to friends and family that this must be stopped, only to be told I was in danger of joining the lunatic fringe of conspiracy theorists and people who find foil hats fashionable. Ever since I got back from California in August, I have been pointing out each and every step being taken to finalize and bring to fruition the plans of those who believe they are our betters and watched in horror as no one rose up to oppose them.

Perhaps, finally, there are enough righteous people in influential positions who have learned to recognize the machinations of the elitists that we can delay their plans for another generation. If the right people succeed, then I will finish out my life in a much better world and the next major crisis will be delayed at least until the lives of my grandchildren and possibly far beyond.

Do not be deceived. The families that are driving the currently hoped for New World Order have spent three generations working toward this moment in time. Even if they are forced to give ground this time, they will simply marshall their forces and wait for the next opportunity. The only way to deny them their prize is to build a global democracy based on principles of freedom, liberty, and equality for every man, woman, and child regardless of geography, culture, and traditional values. We need a greater, more comprehensive education system that is available equally in all parts of the globe, treats every belief system with dignity, and is founded upon a principle of diversity and individual empowerment.

Only by insuring the human rights of every single individual, regardless of their social station and cultural tableau, can the plans and machinations of the elitists be defeated now and kept in check throughout future generations. We don't need a global kingdom. We need a global democracy supported by a comprehensive global education system that is culturally aware and sensitive to the beliefs of every individual.

And yes, that does indeed mean that a global education system might find itself training as many witch doctors as medical doctors and then letting the patients decide which they will consult.