September 25, 2008

Now this is odd...

So I am reading an article about corruption allegations in the Iraqi Red Crescent when I come across a really odd paragraph:

Karbouli had been wanted by Iraqi officials since the spring on charges that he used Red Crescent ambulances to transport weapons to the Sunni insurgent group al-Qaeda in Iraq. Yet after his arrest by the Interior Ministry, he was taken by FBI agents in Baghdad and then escaped to Jordan, according to a senior Iraqi official. The incident prompted Maliki to cancel a joint task force with the FBI, according to a copy of the order reviewed by The Washington Post.

Here's what I think happened:

In an effort to create more support for an ongoing war effort that is rapidly drawing to a conclusion, Vice President Dick Cheney orders the CIA to start funneling weapons to al-Qaeda in Iraq. The CIA taps an American Iraqi already in place at the Red Crescent, Jamal Karbouli, gets the weapons to him and he uses Red Crescent ambulances to transport the weapons into Sunni-controlled areas right under the noses of both the Iraqi security forces, and the American military. Only Karbouli messes up by trusting someone with greater loyalty to the nation of Iraq than his own and that person turns him into authorities. Since he's American, the FBI demands the Iraqi police hand him over to them for prosecution in the United States. Once they have him, the CIA steps in, removes him from FBI custody under the guise of "national security", and whisks him off to Jordan.

It is far past time to bring the American troops home and close down the CIA mission in Iraq. Obviously we have reached a point where the CIA is being used to continue creating havoc rather than supporting the duly elected government. This duplicity cannot be tolerated. Both the American and Iraqi people want Iraq back in the hands of the Iraqis themselves and not under the dual control of a rightfully elected government leashed to the American military.

It is also time for a full accountability of the actions and decisions taken by the Bush-Cheney team during their tenure in the Whitehouse. National security be damned! Release the complete record of the Bush-Cheney Executive team to the public and open it to review by Federal Prosecutors. If necessary, put the Bush-Cheney team and their allies on public trial for war crimes against the Iraqi and Afghani people. Let's show the world once and for all that America can again be a global leader whose primary interest is helping the people of the world gain the freedom and education necessary to reach their full potential as individuals and as contributors to a better society regardless of what culture that society shelters.

We need greater transparency at all levels of government. It is not the job of egocentric and sadistic men in high places to protect the American people. That duty belongs to the American people themselves and they cannot make their voices heard if the information they need to make intelligent voting decisions is buried in the tomb of "national security".


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