September 22, 2008

Phase Three is now complete

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The third step in the realization of the New World Order and the accession of the antichrist has begun. The current financial crisis in the United States was the inevitable result of the liberation of the mortgage market. This implosion of the American economy was predicted by myself and others way back in the mid-80s when talk of liberalization first began.

Don't believe me? Well, here is a former CEO saying exactly the same thing and backing it up with facts:

His letter: Letter from Karl Denniger


Phase Three has begun and will probably reach full realization by the end of the month. October has become more critical than ever. As I said back in the spring, if the Bush-Cheney team is planning to declare martial law, disband congress, and set aside the constitution, they will do so the month before or the month after the November 4th election.

My authority on this is a careful reading of the Book of Revelations. I started preaching the end of the world as we know it way back in 1978. It has taken them three decades to realize their goals, but now every single day sees them one step closer to world domination. Who are "they"?

The five hundred richest families in the world.

About six hours later:

I pause to do some housework, cook dinner for my family, and watch a little CNN and what happens?

Henry Paulson Promises to Bailout the Global Banking System

Now why the heck didn't CNN report on that outlandish proposal? If I can't even trust CNN any more it's going to be awfully hard to find any kind of useful information.

And yes, this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the real intent of the entire crisis is to take their plan for one world dictatorship a step further down the road. Phase Three is now complete, friends. Are we really going to sit back and let them initiate Phase Four?


Ten minutes later still I find this: Bloomberg Heralds Awarding Treasury Secretary Dictatorial Powers

Yes, that's right, the leading financial news network in the world likes the idea of making the United States Secretary of the Treasury the dictator to the world's financial community.


And Ron Paul, the candidate hoping for precedent-setting write-in victory come November, is the only politician brave enough to call Henry Paulson's plan foolish:

For the first time in my life, I am seriously considering a write-in candidate for the presidency. And just when I thought things couldn't get any more insane than they already were!


And just to show the economic commentators in the media don't understand what's happening, CNNMoney's examination of the pros and cons of the bailout had this to say:

But like a house on fire that's threatening to spread quickly through the neighborhood, the first priority is to put the fire out - not yell at the arsonist - supporters of the bailout would contend.

As Karl points out in the two videos above, the problem with this line of logic is that in this case the arsonist and the fire chief are the same person!