September 05, 2008

Phase Two is now complete

National Emergency Response to Terror Continued
Analysis of the Continuation by Peter Dale Scott
Minnesota Arrests Clear the way to Declare Dissent as Terrorism

In short, the President has reserved the right to call for suspension of the Constitution and declare nationwide Martial Law for another year. He hasn't called it, but he has reserved the right and defined the conditions so vaguely that a simple car bomb in open countryside would be enough to declare American under direct attack by terrorists and open the way for full Martial Law.

Apparently there is an unsubstantiated rumor that Congressman Kucinich will challenge the continuation, but as far as anyone can tell, even if the rumor is true, he stands alone.

And no, the Bush-Cheney dictatorship has not forgotten about Iraq:
U.S. Military Holding two Iraqi Journalists
Further Troop Reductions Declared "Impractical"

Not only Iraq. In Georgia they are still trying to push Russia in to a military confrontation with NATO:
Cheney Firmly Backs Georgia for NATO Membership
Top U.S. Warship in Georgia Delivering Aid
Cheney Visits Georgia, Ukraine & Azerbaijan

Are we really going to sit back and wait for Israel and the US to drop a few nukes on Iran before we cry, "Enough is enough!"?

I've been saying it for eight years, folks: the real plan is Martial Law. From the day George Bush declared his bid for the Presidency that has been his single-minded goal.

I am beginning to dread checking the daily news.