October 20, 2008

It's never about religion, or is it?

House churches expanding in Iran despite persecution
Rising terrorism strains Indian health and rescue services
Hanged for being a Christian in Iran
Security boosted around Mosul Christian neighborhood
West Bank settlers rage against Palestinian neighbors
Al-Qaeda forums forced offline, possibly by hackers
Christian families flee Baghdad neighborhood
Israeli leaders reconsider dormant Saudi peace plan
Game delayed because of Qur'an references
Christian aide worker killed
British aide worker executed by extremists
Christians flee Mosul

Religious persecution flows across many lines. Christians, Hindis, Muslims and Jews are all still subject to arbitrary arrest, brutal murder, and officially sanctioned execution in many places around the world. Everyone alive in today's world is familiar with the connection between some of the most visible acts of terror and extremist Muslim groups such as Al-Qaeda, but sometimes we forget that one justification of the terrorists is the very real attacks happening almost daily on Muslim communities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Israel, Somalia, and so on.

None of this is actually related to religion. In almost every case, the real issue is control over some kind of resource. Israelis and Palestinians kill each other over the future of a patch of land roughly the size of the American state of New Jersey with an economy that ranks 76th in the world. In India, impoverished Christians and Hindis kill each other over menial jobs that barely provide enough income to feed an individual, let alone a family. The Iranian Revolution of the seventies was billed as a religious restoration movement, but the real beneficiaries were those Iranian families with close ties to the Ayatollahs who were given control over the Iranian oil industry. Despite the fact that at one point they attempted to eliminate trade in opium poppies, nowadays the Taliban are more concerned with selling opium than spreading Islam. And they don't mind using terrorist tactics to secure their supply of opium poppies and their access to the world market.

Religious persecution is never about religion. Faith and doctrine are the excuses violent leaders invoke to rally people behind them and justify acts of death and destruction against people who threaten their continued control. The Taliban's recent killing of an aide worker in Afghanistan (see the last few articles in the list above) is no exception. They reportedly killed her for proselytizing among those she was helping, but such trivial acts of evangelism have gone unnoticed for decades even in nations like Saudi Arabia with strict laws against any attempt to persuade a Muslim resident to join a different religion. The Taliban did not target her before, and are not now targeting thousands of other Christian aide workers. No, something else is happening. She probably took some action or made some report that threatened to interfere in their opium network. Her religion then became both justification for killing her and one more reason for the Western media to stroke the flames of anti-religious hysteria that have swept over our formerly tolerant modern civilization.

The Muslim terrorists are half-right. There is a campaign, often violent, to eliminate a system of belief and a shared worldview, but Islam is not the sole object of that campaign. The real campaign is a concerted effort by bigoted elitists who cannot understand the real value religion brings to the life of the individual. There is a war of propaganda and idealism being fought at all levels of society. One side claims they want to liberate people from outdated modes of thinking, but what they really want is for everyone, everywhere to adopt the same atheistic, elitist worldview that they themselves hold dear. The other side simply wants to be left alone to lead a simple life of God (or gods), family and community without being enslaved by industrialists intent on hoarding every resource they can get their hands on and without being oppressed by narcissistic bankers driven to micromanage every aspect of the world around them.

Unfortunately, there is no sideline in this ideological war. It has been going on since the earliest days of civilization and no doubt will continue until there are no humans left alive to wage it. The battle lines were first drawn five thousand years ago when two Ubaid settlements joined together to create the Sumerian city of Uruk, forever locking civilization in a constant cultural struggle between two competing worldviews: ambition and content.

One possible reason for the consolidation may have been warfare with a nearby community called Hamoukar. Whereas the Eanna district of Uruk had extensive workshops for a variety of crafts, Hamoukar featured extensive bakeries. For more on this see, "Earliest evidence for large scale war" at Scienceblog.com.

October 18, 2008

Those in the know agree: we're doomed!

Wikipedia article describing the life and work of Anna Schwartz
January 2008, Daily Telegraph article describing her analysis of the current crisis
October 2008, Wall Street Journal article describing her analysis of the bailout

And, the video that inspired today's entry, a "devilishly handsome" satire on the Bernanke-Paulson financial dictatorship:

I look at the items above and before I even read them or watch the video I see this:

When the lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!"
Revelations 6:7-8

I wonder how much longer I am going to need to continue spelling it out. Our world has reached a crisis point the likes of which we have not seen in five thousand years of recorded history. If the church does not repent of its continuing worldliness, if the world does not repent and turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and acknowledge him as creator, the downward spiral will continue until we reach this point:

If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.
Matthew 24:22

I spent fifteen years quoting these same passages to everyone I knew. From the time I was fourteen until my life became filled with daily concerns of raising two children and keeping my wife happy. Roughly, the calendar years 1975 to 1990. In all honesty, I am not happy to see these things coming to pass right before my very eyes right at the point where my children are reaching adulthood and preparing to make their mark upon the world. Everyday I pray for revival because the one thing that historically has consistently delayed the final judgement has been a strong, widespread revival.

The explosive growth of the church kept the judgements restricted to the Holy Land in the 1st Century.
An explosion of spirituality that spawned massive cathedral building in the 11th Century made the doomsday-proclaiming wandering peasants of the 10th Century look like fools.
The 15th Century Reformation movement and the revival that followed made fools of the late 14th Century breakaway heretics who proclaimed the Crusades had proven the Church had become the harlot of Revelation 17 and announced the Day of Judgement was at hand.
The North American, European, and Australian end-times revival of 1830-1840 made a fool of William Miller and his followers, giving birth by accident to the modern Seventh Day Adventist Church.
The massive, global, "Born Again" revival led by Billy Graham and the corresponding charismatic movement which originated within the Catholic Church made fools of the hobo and hippie preachers of the 1960s who saw racism, the revival of the nation of Israel, and the Cold War as the fulfillment of Matthew 24-26 and Luke 12-18.

I look out at the world today and I see the Seven Seals of Revelation 6 being opened one by one. Instead of revival, I see scattered individual believers turning to their Bibles for comfort and calling for repentance in YouTube videos while mainstream churches empty in droves and Christians from every culture gaze in desperate hope at health, wealth and prosperity preachers like Joel Osteen.

I'm selfish. I want my children to know a world as comfortable as the one I lived in, or perhaps an even better world, but instead of revival in the churches and reform in the political system I see corrupt bankers being given hundreds of billions of dollars by corrupt politicians in the hope of preserving a failed system.

Please, I'm begging you. Dust off your Bibles, go back to the churches, repent of your sins, rediscover the reality of the divine in the beauty of God's creation. Bring the world back into alignment will all that is holy and make the current crop of doomsday criers like myself into fools and lunatics by bringing revival to the land.

I say the world is ending, but even as I say it, I am hoping the world will prove me wrong.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

If it weren't for their unholy alliance with Acharya S, I could really get behind the folks who make the Zeitgeist series.

Unfortunately, the one truth they do not understand is that religion is one of the most basic human needs and freedom of religion one of the core essentials for a truly civilized world. If they would just allow me to read my Bible and worship Jesus without implying (or sometimes directly stating) that I am delusional or insane, then I would throw my full support behind the Zeitgeist team.

As it is, the world they want to build will put me and people like me in "retraining" programs to "liberate" us from our "delusional thinking". In other words, by accident or by design, their technocratic utopia would look a lot like Communist China or Soviet Russia. I don't see this as an improvement over what we have now. I'm all for a more egalitarian world with more equal distribution of wealth irrespective of ability or contribution, but not if that means I must abandon my relationship with Christ because someone with more brains than sense considers it "delusional".

History clearly demonstrates that any society which demands conformity to a single ideological worldview winds up enriching and empowering a few while impoverishing and enslaving the majority. I like Zeitgeist's critique of capitalism's excesses, but I cannot agree with them that humanity is essentially good. What we need is an entirely new political theory that liberates us from traditional restrictions without imposing new restrictions of its own and providing for the safety, security, and freedom of each and every individual. Swapping one kind of slavery for another is not good enough. We need a new political theory based on freedom of thought, equality of education, equality of wealth distribution, and a variety of tools designed to encourage the individual to find a way they can contribute within their skills and desires without forcing them to contribute if they choose not to.

October 15, 2008

Finally the Washington Post gets it right!

The Born Rebellion

I'd make some comments, but the article says it so much better than I could!


On reflection, I will add a couple of quick thoughts. As you read it, notice how the industry falls into different sides and notice how many of those companies who opposed the Levitt-Greenspan-Rubin triad are now defunct. Notice how their supporters are now first in line to receive bailout benefits. This is not coincidence, folks. This is how long-term plans are successfully executed.

October 11, 2008

First step toward a New World Order

Bush Supports Global Action on Economy

As I have been trying to say since August, the entire crisis was the direct result of a consistent pattern of legislative moves begun shortly after the death of John F. Kennedy. These developments picked up speed in the seventies and eighties with the massive deregulation of the mortgage and banking industries coupled with greater freedom in outsourcing and a general neglect of the national borders of the United States of America. NAFTA and the SPP treaties broke down the national divisions between the US, Canada, and Mexico even further, while allowing massive imports of Chinese made goods through Mexico with little or no regulatory control and no need for product safety inspections. Massive purchases of Chinese goods meant billions of American dollars flowing to China, dollars which were used to buy US Government bonds, thus paying for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The ultimate goal all along being to allow the bills to finally come due and rather than default, push for a merging of the banking industry and government along with creating deliberate interdependencies between each government and the International Monetary Fund.

Yes, that IS what I'm saying. The men and women behind the curtain have spent a lifetime creating the conditions they knew would be necessary to allow them to offer a One World Banker-Managed Dictatorship as a final solution to all the world's ills. We've been conned, folks. And within eighteen months the Dictator they've chosen will step up and take charge.

The only people who are not surprised are those of us who have been reading the Bible. We've been telling you this was coming for thirty years (and even longer in some cases), and the only response has been a lot of people laughing at us.

I guess we're not the delusional ones, after all.

October 08, 2008

Final Rites

The American economy has died. The corpse is still twitching, but the beast is dead. The Paulson-Bernanke bid for Global Empire has killed it completely. I, and many others, assume that this collapse is part and parcel of their true plan. Karl Denninger is still unconvinced, and perhaps he is right. If the government declares martial law before year-end, devalues the dollar, closes every bank in the nation for two weeks then reopens them under the Amero and declares the North American Union is now the reality for the United States, Canada, and Mexico, then perhaps people will believe. Of course, by that time it will be too late.

When that day comes, remember this: I did warn you, and so did a lot of other people.

October 07, 2008


Fuld Questioned over Executive Compensation at Lehman Brothers

When you read the article above, pay close attention to Fuld's self-importance and ego-centric belief in his own righteousness. Why does the CEO of a failed firm have such an indignant sense of entitlement? Why is he so intent on portraying himself as a victim after embezzling $484 million from stockholders? Because that is exactly what these CEOs have been doing for almost two decades now, stealing money from the stockholders of companies they were too incompetent to manage! Why, after such an obvious display of total incompetence, do these people believe they were entitled to every dime they stole from their companies and their shareholders?

I don't understand! Why this sense of entitlement? What gives them the right to believe they deserve millions, and in some cases, billions in personal income?

(11:56 pm, October 7th, Japan time)

I, um...

Well, damn. I told you so:

Global Economy Goes Into Freefall

October 05, 2008

Bewildered and Confused

Fortunately, Karl is not, and he has some graphs to prove his point. I don't understand why the Whitehouse Press Secretary is claiming the passage of the bill helped the market when it's obvious to everyone in the world that the market fell immediately after the bill passed into law!

Mark my words, this week will see a complete collapse on Wall Street, destroying the livelihood of the very people Paulson is trying to save. I do not understand how anyone with his education could be so abominably stupid! Not only has he destroyed the future financial independence of hardworking Americans, he has doomed the investment industry itself.

Unless, of course, this truly is Phase Four of the plan to bring about a New World Order. When the House killed the bill, I had high hopes that Phase Four had been brought to a stunning halt. Sadly, it did not. It only delayed the inevitable.

October 02, 2008

When it all falls apart a month from now

Do not jump around demanding to know why nobody told you:

I kid you not, folks, this is the tipping point right here. Once this bill passes there will be no turning back. Revelation six will be fulfilled by year-end. By this time next year the anti-christ will be in charge and wholesale persecution against those who do not accept the One Church will have begun. Stopping this bill will not stop the fulfillment of prophecy, but it will delay it for at least another generation, possibly two.

I have said my piece. There is nothing more I can do.

(added on October 2nd)

October 01, 2008

Us crazies are the only sane people on the planet?

So, as I and other lunatics have been saying, the real beneficiaries are bankers, but not just American bankers, foreign bankers!

Why am I not surprised?