October 05, 2008

Bewildered and Confused

Fortunately, Karl is not, and he has some graphs to prove his point. I don't understand why the Whitehouse Press Secretary is claiming the passage of the bill helped the market when it's obvious to everyone in the world that the market fell immediately after the bill passed into law!

Mark my words, this week will see a complete collapse on Wall Street, destroying the livelihood of the very people Paulson is trying to save. I do not understand how anyone with his education could be so abominably stupid! Not only has he destroyed the future financial independence of hardworking Americans, he has doomed the investment industry itself.

Unless, of course, this truly is Phase Four of the plan to bring about a New World Order. When the House killed the bill, I had high hopes that Phase Four had been brought to a stunning halt. Sadly, it did not. It only delayed the inevitable.