October 11, 2008

First step toward a New World Order

Bush Supports Global Action on Economy

As I have been trying to say since August, the entire crisis was the direct result of a consistent pattern of legislative moves begun shortly after the death of John F. Kennedy. These developments picked up speed in the seventies and eighties with the massive deregulation of the mortgage and banking industries coupled with greater freedom in outsourcing and a general neglect of the national borders of the United States of America. NAFTA and the SPP treaties broke down the national divisions between the US, Canada, and Mexico even further, while allowing massive imports of Chinese made goods through Mexico with little or no regulatory control and no need for product safety inspections. Massive purchases of Chinese goods meant billions of American dollars flowing to China, dollars which were used to buy US Government bonds, thus paying for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The ultimate goal all along being to allow the bills to finally come due and rather than default, push for a merging of the banking industry and government along with creating deliberate interdependencies between each government and the International Monetary Fund.

Yes, that IS what I'm saying. The men and women behind the curtain have spent a lifetime creating the conditions they knew would be necessary to allow them to offer a One World Banker-Managed Dictatorship as a final solution to all the world's ills. We've been conned, folks. And within eighteen months the Dictator they've chosen will step up and take charge.

The only people who are not surprised are those of us who have been reading the Bible. We've been telling you this was coming for thirty years (and even longer in some cases), and the only response has been a lot of people laughing at us.

I guess we're not the delusional ones, after all.