October 07, 2008


Fuld Questioned over Executive Compensation at Lehman Brothers

When you read the article above, pay close attention to Fuld's self-importance and ego-centric belief in his own righteousness. Why does the CEO of a failed firm have such an indignant sense of entitlement? Why is he so intent on portraying himself as a victim after embezzling $484 million from stockholders? Because that is exactly what these CEOs have been doing for almost two decades now, stealing money from the stockholders of companies they were too incompetent to manage! Why, after such an obvious display of total incompetence, do these people believe they were entitled to every dime they stole from their companies and their shareholders?

I don't understand! Why this sense of entitlement? What gives them the right to believe they deserve millions, and in some cases, billions in personal income?

(11:56 pm, October 7th, Japan time)

I, um...

Well, damn. I told you so:

Global Economy Goes Into Freefall