October 18, 2008

Zeitgeist: Addendum

If it weren't for their unholy alliance with Acharya S, I could really get behind the folks who make the Zeitgeist series.

Unfortunately, the one truth they do not understand is that religion is one of the most basic human needs and freedom of religion one of the core essentials for a truly civilized world. If they would just allow me to read my Bible and worship Jesus without implying (or sometimes directly stating) that I am delusional or insane, then I would throw my full support behind the Zeitgeist team.

As it is, the world they want to build will put me and people like me in "retraining" programs to "liberate" us from our "delusional thinking". In other words, by accident or by design, their technocratic utopia would look a lot like Communist China or Soviet Russia. I don't see this as an improvement over what we have now. I'm all for a more egalitarian world with more equal distribution of wealth irrespective of ability or contribution, but not if that means I must abandon my relationship with Christ because someone with more brains than sense considers it "delusional".

History clearly demonstrates that any society which demands conformity to a single ideological worldview winds up enriching and empowering a few while impoverishing and enslaving the majority. I like Zeitgeist's critique of capitalism's excesses, but I cannot agree with them that humanity is essentially good. What we need is an entirely new political theory that liberates us from traditional restrictions without imposing new restrictions of its own and providing for the safety, security, and freedom of each and every individual. Swapping one kind of slavery for another is not good enough. We need a new political theory based on freedom of thought, equality of education, equality of wealth distribution, and a variety of tools designed to encourage the individual to find a way they can contribute within their skills and desires without forcing them to contribute if they choose not to.