November 24, 2008

Why now?

Miles O'Brien is an educated man with a strong interest in astronomy and space exploration. He has in the past done detailed reports on, and provided commentary for, a wide variety of important events including space shuttle missions, the international space station, Mars rover landings, and Hubble telescope repairs or discoveries. So I was quite shocked to open CNN this morning and find this:

The timing of this report, especially when presented by someone as well-respected as Miles O'Brien, strikes me as extremely odd. The world economy is in shambles, the American presidency is in transistion, the never-ending conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq has just entered a troublesome phase (covert American attacks in Pakistan are on the rise and the Iraqi government is ordering America to leave). Into this cloud of tension a well-respected journalist suddenly decides to do a four-minute video that sounds like an episode of X-files?

Something is brewing. I've already stated over and over again that it's going to be a long, hard winter. Why do I suddenly have the feeling it's also going to be weird and unnerving?

I have a really bad feeling about this. Call me paranoid, but I get the feeling we're being set-up for yet another shock to our established assumptions about life and reality.