December 11, 2008

Fight back? Damn straight!

When my sons were four and five years old, I taught them how to make a fist and aim for the gonads. I taught them to punch the groin, the throat, the soft spot at the point over the heart where the ribs meet.

Remember this: Massacre at Virginia Tech
How about this: Massacre at Columbine
Does anyone remember this: Amish School Shooting
And, least it go unmentioned, this one: Grover Cleveland Elementary School Shooting

A bullet from a modern firearm will penetrate a desk as easily as it penetrates a sheet of paper. A masonite wall will slow it down, but leave it with more than enough velocity to kill. There are only two ways to survive when someone storms into a school or workplace and opens fire: fight back or run.

That's it.

You either disarm, disable, or kill the shooter, or you run like the wind and pray you don't get shot in the back. How many lives could have been saved in every single one of the incidents above if some student had thrown their desk instead of hiding behind it? How many lives could have been saved if the shooter faced a barrage of thrown books within seconds of opening fire? How many lives could have been saved if ONE person onsite had been armed and killed the shooter as soon as they opened fire?

There will always be insane people. There is no possible way for our world to be perfect enough that no one is marginalized, no one is left out, no one is rejected and left to fend for themselves. History clearly teaches that every single attempt to set up a human utopia has either begun or ended in genocide. Somewhere around seventeeen percent of any population group will always suffer from mental and emotional distress and some small minority within that seventeen percent will sooner or later pick up the nearest available weapon and lash out.

Reality is what it is. Reality is not what we imagine, nor what we hope, it simply is. Within the context of reality life is a fragile proposition, fraught with worry, filled with sorrow, and ever in danger of extinction. Teaching people to defend themselves is essential. Sooner or later every individual will find themselves in a situation of extreme danger with no help available to them. That is simply a fact of our reality. When that situation arises, when that moment comes, our reaction will depend on what, if anything, we have learned about responding to a crisis.

So I say, "Damn straight!" Teach your kids to throw books, throw chairs, punch in the groin, aim for the throat or heart, and if necessary, kill an attacker.

There is really only one piece of wisdom my father ever taught me: "Don't fight if you can run. If you can't run, don't lose."

Teach your kids how to defend themselves. Like it or not, their life depends on it!