January 14, 2009

Palestinians must be either blind or naive

There are hundreds of similar videos now online. Why is the United Nations taking the side of Hamas? The deaths of so many civilians is a great tragedy, but as clearly shown in the video above, at least some of those deaths are the "freedom fighters" of Hamas slaughtering their own people!

How much longer will the United Nations and thousands of NGOs perpetuate the lie? Why do we allow this lie to become front page news in western press? Hamas, Hezoballah, Al Qeada, and others like them are criminals. They are thugs, bullies, murderers, extortionists, and terrorists. Why do so many desperate Palestinian people support criminals solely intent on brutalizing the very people they claim to be protecting?

I don't understand. When did the rights of criminals become more important than the rights of their victims? How did terrorists, rapists, and murderers become folk heroes?