January 30, 2009

Auburn: Business Owner Shoots Robber

Watch the video at WRJT-TV Michigan

Apparently this time two men walked into an insurance agency with the intent of robbing the self-employed agent who ran the office. The owner shot one of them and the other fled. I am glad to see average Americans in so many different walks of life finally standing up and taking charge of their own destinies.

However, I cannot help but offer up a word of caution: self-defense is not vigilantism. Whenever people discover their own personal power, whenever they finally awaken to realize they need not be dependent on the police for personal protection, there is always the danger that they will take things to the next level. If all of us try to replace law enforcement by chasing down the criminals then the only thing we will achieve is chaos.

So far I have not seen any indication of this happening and as long as the vast majority of concealed carry licensees continue to act with restraint and decorum I think it would very beneficial to expand this practice into all fifty states. Perhaps, one day, there will even be a new constitutional amendment clarifying the definition of "militia" and confirming once and for all that every citizen has the right to carry firearms or keep them in their own home for the purposes of defense, sport shooting, and teaching each new generation the price of freedom.