January 22, 2009

An emerging pattern of revolution?

The theme of Barack Obama's campaign was "Change". The ideal he has put forth as his own is a grassroots transformation of what it means to be "American" through a return to traditional values. As the next four years unfolds, we will see firsthand how many of us, or how few, agree with his ideas of what America needs to become. To a great extent, the foundation of Obama's campaign was rebellion and revolution against the hypocrisy and perceived corruption of the Bush administration.

In 1776 the thirteen American colonies gave birth to a spirit of revolution that eventually swept through Europe. Will we see a new, different kind of revolution sweep over the world as the result of Obama's win? The folks at Prison Planet TV seem to think so, and they began discussing it way back in October.

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Assuming the pattern they are perceiving is real, then it is entirely possible that the first victory in this global rebellion was the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States. Since the folks at Prison Planet opposed Obama throughout his campaign, they would probably disagree with me. However, in the past America has always been the trendsetter for any kind of global cultural revolution. So rather than the enemy, it is possible (and preferable!) to hope that the new Democratic majority in the United States Congress serving alongside America's first non-white president will become the first victory in this global cry for change.

If it is not. If the Democrats squander this opportunity in fascist-like programs demanding conformity to a certain "modern ideal" as defined by the superrich of America's largest cities, then the election of Barack Obama and the overwhelming majority in the Congress will become the seeds for a new American revolution rather than the first victory in a global cultural realignment.

Personally, despite concerns over the waning power of the United States Constitution and the growing move toward a dictatorial central government, my own hope is that Barack Obama will lead the U.S., and by extension the world, into a new era focused on accountability, transparency, individual empowerment, and true democracy as envisioned by America's founding fathers. I recognize and support the need for a truly global political, economic, and legal system that can protect the weak without destroying the rewards of those willing to work hard in order to improve their lifestyle. We need a world where no one starves, everyone has the freedom to express their own opinion, and each individual has the political clout necessary to defend their home against those who prefer anarchy to civilization. We don't need a global dictatorship that reinforces the superrich and their culture of corruption while reducing the rest of us to peasantry.

There is a golden, historic opportunity here to bring freedom to our besieged world. Those who have built personal fortunes on the basis of corruption and oppression must be brought to justice and their wealth returned to the people it was stolen from. We need global systems that can clearly and fairly distinguish between those who empower the impoverished and those who enslave them. Granted, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the two, but a way must be found to shine a light into the darkest corners so that deeds and decisions can be clearly evaluated by those who endure the burden of misjudgment and who suffer beneath the narcissistic greed of the callous.

The new oppressors use gold as their justification, wealth as their weapon of oppression, and self-aggrandizement as their morality. If there is to be a global rebellion, I hope that the people doing the rebelling will focus their rage at those who deserve it most, the greedy and the egocentric. I also hope that the newly installed American government will start the revolution by banishing corruption from it's ranks and opening it's decision-making process for everyone to see. Most importantly of all, they must serve the needs of honest, hardworking American citizens rather than the power-hungry elites who dream of becoming hereditary kings, queens, princes, and nobles.