January 29, 2009

Hammond: Chicago teen killed during robbery

In Illinois it is illegal for law-abiding adults to defend themselves, although that may change soon. So I find it both ironic and amusing that three Chicago teenagers went to a neighboring state which does have a concealed carry permit law in effect in order to commit an armed robbery. Normally one would expect criminals to move away from concealed carry permit issuing regions as a way of avoiding this very problem:

Chicago Teen Killed in Shootout After Robbery

While it is tragic that this young man who had his whole life ahead of him is now dead, and I would like to offer my deep felt, honest condolences to his family, none of that changes the simple reality that this young man in the company of two friends attempted to rob an honest, law-abiding citizen who had offered them no provocation. Three to one, and they still needed to carry a gun in order to feel brave enough to accost a much older man just as he was getting out of his car.

Yes, allowing mature, law-abiding people to be trained and armed will result in the death of more young men like Kenneth Denson. However, there a couple of real-world facts that need to be remembered:

First, and most important, these young men were smoking marijuana. Drug-trafficking is the number one cause behind the insane levels of unimaginably sadistic violence now plaguing northern Mexico. Even if they had not engaged in armed robbery, just by participating in the use of illegal narcotics they have contributed directly to massive loss of life thousands of miles distant from where they live.

Second, the unidentified man in the Cadillac Escalade had done them no harm and offered them no threat until they pulled a gun on him and attempted to rob him. Everyone, everywhere has the natural right to defend their person, their loved ones, and their property against criminal predation. Whether or not they also enjoy the legal right to do so is not something we should be arbitrarily denying them. In this kind of situation I, personally, will always side with the intended victim.

It is always tragic when a young person dies. However, if that person dies while engaging in predatory, criminal behavior then we as a society must stop and ask ourselves who is more deserving of our sympathy, the dead criminal or their intended victim? As long as we allow our society to disintegrate into a land where criminals enjoy better legal protection than their victims by continuing to push emotional agendas which strip law-abiding, responsible people from their natural rights, then we fully deserve the violent, gang-run battlegrounds our cities have become.

Passing more gun control laws in direct violation of the Second Amendment will not make us safer. On the contrary, the only real-world benefit will be to insure that young men like Kenneth Denson go on to lead entire lives of violent predation, thereby creating dozens, and potentially thousands of traumatized, depressed victims. This can only have one real-world result: adding exponential suicide rates to spiraling crime until finally no one will be safe.

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