January 15, 2009

I do not believe what I'm seeing!

Just a few days ago I wrote this post, "What Happened to the U.S. Constitution?" Then today, I find this article at the Washington Post, "Evidence is valid, despite police error."

It would be nice if we lived in a perfect world, but that is impossible. The world is not perfect, and never will be. The more power and authority the government assumes the closer we get to a dictatorship. Even now, with some of the U.S. Constitution still intact, the modern American government has as much power reserved to itself, and only to itself, as was enjoyed by King George at the time of the American Revolution. We have recreated the overreaching power, the unbearable taxation, and the loss of personal freedoms almost exactly. The only practical difference is that we elect our king every four years and call him "president".

What are you waiting for, America? Are you waiting for the day black humvees show up at suburban homes with no warrant? That's already happening! Are you waiting for the corrupt politicians to start arresting enforcement officers who shoot criminals? That's already happening, too!

Wake up, America! Your paranoia has granted the Federal government dictatorial powers. If you don't act now to reverse the Patriot Act, to get Officers Ramos and Campean pardoned and to get Prosector Sutton either jailed or sued into bankruptcy you will soon find that "innocent until proven guilty" has become "guilty until proven innocent". How much longer will you endorse corruption and support the erosion of your God-given, Constitution-guaranteed rights? How much longer will you allow criminals to enjoy better legal protections than hard-working, tax-paying citizens?

Demand Obama and his Democratic congress repeal the Patriot Act and reverse the hundreds of Cheney-Bush Executive Orders that have granted almost unlimited power to the Presidency. Either get on your phone and demand your freedom be returned to you or sit back and watch while Obama and his team remove the few personal liberties you have left.

There will not be a second chance.

Update, January 17, 2009