January 08, 2009

Racism on the rise

In the first two videos police officers shoot innocent black men. In the third, three young white men respond to the election of a black president by assaulting innocent blacks in a Stanton Island neighborhood.

Why is racial profiling and racially motivated violence on the rise in the United States? Just yesterday I pointed out that fear, not science, is the motivating factor behind the strongest anti-gun groups. Likewise, it is fear and not reality that brings about instances like the three videos above. It was only a month ago that this video aired as well:

This kind of fear and paranoia will bring about more violence and more infringement of freedoms and Constitutionally mandated rights of every American citizen. We must not continue to cater to this kind of insane paranoia. It can only lead to one place: an American dictatorship.

Stop the paranoia, America. Please? You are destroying the greatest nation the world has ever seen.