January 13, 2009

Reality Check Time

The English banned handguns six years ago. Now the citizens want to reverse the ban and the government is refusing to even consider it.

Reality is what it is. We might not like it, but that does not change it. When guns are removed from society only the criminals and the state enforcement agencies will have them. Avoiding the cops is second nature for the bad guys, therefore, the only real-world effect from banning or overly controlling handguns is the creation of a nation-size pool of sitting ducks ripe for the picking. As crime rises, government becomes more oppressive.

It seems so simple to me.

Ban guns
Crime rises
Government responds
Tyranny results

And once the guns have been removed, the citizens have no recourse to fight tyranny. If we remove or restrict American gun ownership in violation of the 2nd Amendment, sooner or later the nation will become a dictatorship. The process is inevitable. History shows clear repetition in every society that has slid into tyranny. The very first step is to remove the weapons from the average citizen.

The next step is to remove their freedom in order to "better protect" them.

You cannot have a gun-free democracy. Elimination of gun ownership in the United States, or even just restricting it, will lead to massive upsurges in crime. The only way to fight that upsurge is more restrictive government. People who support gun control are seeking an oppressive, paternalistic government like the one in Japan where police can search any house for any reason without getting a warrant. Police in Japan can arrest any person they like, charge them with whatever crime strikes their fancy, and then hold them up to seven days until they coerce a confession out of them. If they haven't gotten a confession, they can request a fourteen-day extension. The request is merely a formality because in reality, the extensions are never denied.

Innocent until proven guilty is meaningless in Japan. It has become meaningless in England. Is America next?

H.R. 45 <---- Read it and remember, no guns leads directly to dictatorship
H.R. 17 <---- Read it and remember, the criminals won't wait around for the cops to show up

In the end, there is really only one reason for the 2nd Amendment: to allow those of us who care about freedom to arm ourselves and engage in armed revolt on that day when our government stops caring about our needs and transforms itself into a dictatorship! The founding fathers knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that someday a group of people would come along with the influence and stage presence necessary to convince large numbers of voters that they alone knew what was best for everyone else. Like it or not, the 2nd Amendment not only allows you to arm yourself against predatory criminals, it also allows you to arm yourself against a predatory government. It is the last bulwark against the greatest danger of all: corrupt and self-serving politicians.