January 03, 2009

There is no evil, only sadness

January 6, 2009

As I said, these "freedom fighters" are criminally insane. There is not a single Islamic "counter-crusade" group out there that does not share in the insanity. Islam is a beautiful religion and the Qu'aran is one of the most elegant holy books ever written. The perversion of their religion for the purpose of terrorism should bring the disdain of Muslims everywhere. Why are Muslim leaders failing to speak out against these hate-filled fanatics?

Al Qaeda Blames Obama for Israeli Attack on Gaza


January 5, 2009

I know some people will call this video propaganda. Sadly, it is not. Hamas, Hezoballah, and all of the smaller militias that support their agenda are not freedom fighters, they are criminals. My heart bleeds for the countless civilians placed in the line of fire by the cowards who claim to be defending them.


January 4, 2009

Let's start with a couple short videos. The top video is a Palestinian doctor lamenting the high number of civilian casualties, the lower video an Israeli mother lamenting the rockets falling in her hometown.

From the time I was old enough to watch a news broadcast and understand the content, the Middle East has been a hotbed of violence and human suffering. Over the past three decades the violence has spread to Munich, Mogadishu, and New York. At the moment, Israel is in the first stages of a ground invasion of Gaza that will probably result in tens of thousands of civilian casualties. What no one in the western media ever bothers to tell us is that organizations like Hamas and Hezobollah routinely place their operational offices, armories, rocket factories, and even rocket launchers in hospitals, mosques, apartment buildings and schools. Their "militia" lives among everyday civilians. They live in the same housing complexes, shop in the same stores, and think nothing of storing their weapons in elementary school storage closets. They hire orphans and widows to work in their rocket factories, clean their AK-47s, and press their uniforms.

How could Israel or any other normal military ever hope to eradicate violent criminals who pretend to be an army without causing civilian casualties when those criminals live and work side by side with the people they tell the rest of the world they are "protecting"? Until Arab nations stop supplying these groups and Palestinians themselves stop supporting them, these groups will continue to place their military hardware and personnel in places where any attempt to destroy them will create five or ten civilian casualties for every fighter captured or killed. As long as the Palestinian people and Arab nations continue to throw their support behind criminal gangs disguised as "citizen militias" there will be civilian casualties every time someone steps up to stop the violence these people perpetuate.

If Hamas, Hezoballah, or any of the hundreds of smaller militias were genuine military organizations dedicated to liberating their people then they would not be using the people they claim to defend as human shields. As long as they rain rockets on Israeli cities, as long as nations like Iran and Syria refuse to put Israel on their maps and pour money into them, these groups will be a blight on the modern world. This is not a "holy war". This is a criminal action against a sovereign nation that has every right to defend itself and a responsibility to its citizens to provide safety and security.

The current system of walls, checkpoints, and blockades was erected in direct response to continual cross border raids by terrorists against ordinary civilians. Before the PLO decided to start killing Israeli citizens in their sleep in the mid-seventies, there were no walls, no checkpoints, and no blockades. Palestinians routinely commuted into Israel to work in factories, farms, shops, and even civil service jobs. If the Palestinian people really want peace and freedom, then they must break their association with violent criminal organizations and treat those organizations the same way they would treat any other underground gang bent on violence: with arrest and prosecution of its members.

The Palestinian people and the Arab nations that support them have always had it in their power to bring an end to the violence in the Middle East. The process is really quite simple: acknowledge the reality of the nation of Israel and stop supporting criminal organizations dedicated to violence.

It's not about Yahweh vs. Allah, and it's not about Jew vs. Arab. No, the real problem is the same as it always is, regardless of whether it takes place in Chicago, Dublin, Paris, or Beirut. The real problem is violent sociopaths supported by crime and ignored by politicians who profit from their existence.