February 20, 2009

As the world collapses around us

Mexico in the midst of virtual civil war
Iowa National Guard Unit Begins Practicing for Martial Law

As the world collapses around us over the next few days, weeks, or months. I want everyone to be absolutely clear on one thing. This collapse is not caused by bankers, politicians, lawyers, or gun owners. This collapse is the direct result of forty years of the baby boom generation's narcissistic and elitist belief that any earthly desire they have is their god-given right to possess. The "recreational" drug culture founded on heavy metal rock and roll, self-indulgence, and wild promiscuity is the fuel behind the massive upsurge in violent gangs as well as the assumptions by people in positions of power and influence that they are above the law.

Narcissistic elitism dedicated to self-indulgence. Not only has this culture destroyed the greatest civilization the world has ever known, it has brought about the complete and total collapse of the first realistic opportunity for a unified global body politic based on something other than a sadistic and overbearing dictatorship.

If you use recreational drugs purchased on the black market, even if you only use them occasionally, you are the driving force behind the coming collapse. Everything else is symptomatic or consequential. The drugs are the linchpin holding the entire ruinous mess together.

"Sex, drugs, and rock and roll" is the rallying cry of those who have destroyed us from within.