February 12, 2009


FBI Investiating over 500 Corruption and Fraud Cases

I was so happy to read this I felt like dancing a jig. The sad part is, if it weren't for the Patriot Act and the national obsession with terrorism, all of these cases might have come to light years ago. If they had, we would still be in trouble, but the trouble would not require a trillion dollars of additional debt. If we'd been smart, stayed out of Iraq and kept our economic house clean, maybe everyone's life would be just a bit easier.

Lesson for the future one: Don't let your nation be drawn into unwinnable foreign wars in distant theaters. Be brave, fight them on your home turf or don't fight them at all.

I would have thought we'd have learned that lesson in Vietnam.

Oh, that's right! At the time Bush and Chenny were too busy playing "chase the hippie girls cuz they're easy" with their National Guard buddies to actually fight, let alone read the newspapers.

Lesson for the future two: Keep your head in the game and your priorties straight! Life is deadly serious.