February 04, 2009

Gun Control is a Scapegoat Issue

Every time someone starts going on about how evil the American gun culture is they should be required to also give an opinion on the use of recreational drugs. The real cause of most violence in America is not the firearms hobbyists, the free open/concealed carry activists, or the weekend shootists. The real cause of most violence in the streets of America is recreational drug use by ordinary people who are "not hurting anyone" and "just trying to have a good time".

Consider this: Google news archive search on "hollywood stars drug use". There are 18,700 articles about Hollywood stars using drugs. Notice the fancy graph on the top of the page? Ever since 1980 there has been a steady increase in stories related to America's best loved people pursuing America's best loved recreational activity.

Here is the real story behind America's love affair with Ecstasy, Cocaine, and Marijuana:

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Recreational drug use provides the revenue flow inner city gangs need to buy their guns and wage their turf wars. Every time an American teen drops Ecstasy, every time a suburban housewife enjoys a joint while the kids are taking a nap, every time a middle manager runs a line of cocaine for a afternoon pick me up, inner city violence expands another notch. That violence is the main source of the paranoia driving the Brady Campaign and their allies. Why don't they want to look at the very real connections between recreational drug use, gang warfare, and gun violence? My best guess would be that many of them enjoy the occasional joint or bong and don't see any harm in their children indulging in a little Ecstasy.

It's time someone starting taking recreational drug users to task and forced them to recognize that they are the source of the violence in America, not the defenders of Second Amendment rights. How many of the celebrities and media people who are willing to overlook Phelps' "youthful exuberance" would come down hard in favor of limiting or even removing entirely the right to keep and bear arms?

Guns are not the real problem. This is the real problem:

Forgive and forget? I don't think so! Not as along as they are willing to allow an adolescent's funding of inner city gang warfare motivate a huge political campaign with the sole purpose of taking away my Constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms!

Casual recreational drug use like that engaged in by Phelps is the real cause of so much bloodshed on the streets of American, Mexican, and Canadian cities. It's not the "gun culture" that is endangering modern civilization, it's the "drug culture".