February 14, 2009

Just the facts

Almost three hundred pages of facts actually:
Download a .pdf file of the International Crime Victims Survey

On almost every single chart, England is either at the top or in the top three. Why is this important? Because the surveys start in 1988. Every single year surveyed after that England rises, often quite dramatically, in the prevalence of crime. At the same time, America is steadily declining.

The difference? Lots of opposing opinions, but to my mind it is quite simple. As gun control measures in America get beaten down one by one, crime falls right along with it. As gun control measures pass in England one by one, crimes rises in leaps and bounds.

Get the facts. Don't trust either the Brady Campaign or the NRA. Go to the sources and get the facts for yourself, then make up your own mind. Both the Brady Campaign and the NRA routinely distort research findings in order to strengthen their position. Granted, even though the Brady Campaign does it routinely while the NRA avoids doing it, the NRA is still not above fudging a few figures here and there for more dramatic effect.

Download the ICVS and skim through the charts. Better yet, read it. Go to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports database and skim through their charts. California has the strictest gun control laws in the nation and according the FBI database, they also have the highest crime. Chicago, New York, both have extremely complicated, expensive legal procedures just to purchase a target pistol, let alone a useful self-defense pistol such as a Colt .45 or a Glock 9mm. Both cities, according to the FBI, are among the highest crime rates in all major groups.

You don't have to be a math expert. Just look at the charts! If you do understand statistics, go ahead and run some analysis. The facts speak for themselves, gun control encourages violent crime! Even "common sense" gun laws contribute directly to increases in crime!

Yes, I know. On the surface it makes no sense at all. The gun control utopia makes such a pretty daydream, and the logic seems so flawless, a world without guns is a world without violence. Unfortunately, reality does not conform to daydreams and it often defies pure logic. Reality is what it is, not what we want it to be. In reality, the more law-abiding citizens there are carrying guns the less violence there is in society. The real world facts will allow no other interpretation.

If you want to keep your children safe, buy a gun and learn how to use it. Then sit down and start writing letters. Write to your Congressional representatives. Write to the President. Demand they pass H.R. 17, Citizen's Self-Defense Act of 2009.