February 20, 2009

Lou Dobbs on the 2nd Amendment

I hope to high heaven President Obama and the people he has gathered around him are as intelligent and intuitive as I believe them to be. Granted, Presidential Directive 2009-15 was a major disappointment, I still think it was pure naivete rather than a cynical attempt to import the persons necessary for another 9/11-style event. At least, I hope it was just foolishness. By the same token, my understanding is that President Obama is a Constitutional Lawyer by training and education. Surely he understands that passage of H.R. 45 or something similar could only lead to civil war.


This video speaks for itself. Just hit "Play".

The full story is here: Chimpanzee Attack in Connecticut. It seems to me I remember reading somewhere that owners of exotic animals are required to keep a tranquilizer gun handy. Lacking that, if she had owned a large caliber handgun she could have killed the chimp herself and saved her friend.

Seriously. I don't understand why anyone would oppose those of us who believe in full and free exercise of our Second Amendment right. The right to keep and bear arms is not like driving a car. It's not a privilege. It is a constitutionally protected individual right. As dangerous as our world is, why would anyone oppose their own right of self-defense?