February 08, 2009

More on Phil Dominguez

Sensibly Progressive has an update on the bizarre legal proceedings happening in the case of Phil Dominguez:

The Unjust Assault on a California Gunowner Continues

Head on over to his site and read what he has to say.

In short, since they know the original charge of "transporting an assault weapon" is impossible to prosecute, they are using weapons found in his home and registered to his wife and daughter to charge him with "possession of unregistered firearms". Right at this moment there are probably 10-15,000 active drug labs in Los Angeles producing a variety of illegal narcotics, but instead of using illegal search and seizure to bust in and break up their operations, they are using an illegal search and seizure to prosecute a harmless firearms enthusiast! I mean, really, if police are going to violate the law anyway, at least violate it in a way that makes the community a safer place!

"To defend and protect" is still painted on the side of every LAPD patrol car, isn't it? How is a man who organizes paintball events for autistic children and teaches his family safe handling of firearms more dangerous than drug-manufacturing street gangs?

And Los Angeles is not the only place, either. Down in Salinas a couple police officers shot up the SUV of an unarmed couple during a traffic stop. Why? Despite there being no gun, no sound, no flash, no blood, and no pain, one of the officers thought he had been shot!

I got the Salinas link from David Codrea over at The War on Guns. He has six links demonstrating how ignorance and naivete are both contributing the rapid loss of all Constitutional freedoms in the United States. Among those links is an illuminating article about a Boston Police Officer who used his taxpayer funded vehicle and work time to escort porn stars to a nightclub.

Late afternoon addition:

A few days ago I mentioned that I do not want the United States to mimic it's former colonial masters. I do not want the United States to repeal or further infringe on the 2nd Amendment, and I do not want the Constitution rewritten (or replaced!) in order to make either the Senate or the House of Representatives into something even more similar to the "House of Lords" than they already are.

Well, here's one more reason not to mimic Britain: Britain Creates Domestic Spy Agency.

When I was in the Army we traveled down to Australia a couple of times to train side-by-side with the Australian military. One night in the Aussie version of an NCO club I met a couple British SAS guys who were part of the training exercise. When I told them I was American, one of them offered a sarcastic smile and said, "Ah, you're from the colonies then?"

It didn't make me angry at all. At the time, I thought it a very fine joke.

Not anymore.