February 15, 2009

One minute late

Police arrive within two minutes to find 5 of 6 women dead

I learned about the above article after reading a post on Hecate's Crossroad.

Remember the lessons learned from Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Northern Illinois University? We need to wake up and look at reality head on. Even when they are honest, hardworking, and dedicated to public service, the police almost never arrive early enough to rescue you. It's not that they don't want to, they can't!

There will always be criminals. It is tragic that society lets so many people slip through the cracks and into lives devoted to parasitic occupations involving violence against law-abiding innocents. Not only is it tragic, if history is any indication, it is also unavoidable. Charities, halfway houses, free clinics, government-run rehabilitation programs, free food, discount food, ever since the earliest days of human history we have struggled to be generous and take care of our most disadvantaged people. We try, and still we have criminals. Not only do poor people resort to crime, the rich and powerful use criminal activity to expand their influence and prestige. After all, with 530 fraud cases opened in relation to the current economic crisis we cannot assume that "rich and powerful" equates to morally just.

We do, though. Every single day. For example, the current sheriff of Orange County seems to believe that ordinary citizens are beneath her and therefore she does not have to grant their demand to loosen restrictions on the issuance of concealed carry permits. Not only does she feel this, a popular commentator named Dana Parsons agrees!

This is how we sell ourselves into slavery. We start with a peaceful society. Because we are peaceful, we begin to abandon our natural right to self-defense. The criminally minded both high and low realize we are no longer vigilant and begin their parasitic work to deprive us of life and prosperity. So we appoint strong, honest men and women to defend us against the criminals. The criminals see this, and then some of them learn to gain enough trust to join the ranks of our defenders. After awhile, it becomes difficult to tell the difference between the defenders and the criminals. Some of our modern defenders are less honest than the criminals we expect them to protect us from!

At that point we face a choice. We can take back our right to self-defense, forcibly if necessary, or we can give up altogether and put someone at the top of society's pyramid we do trust and then demand this person clean up the mess. Right now America faces a deadly choice. Through a massive grassroots effort, we have elected a president we trust to clean up our government. However, if we allow this administration to continue chipping away at our sovereign right to keep and bear arms, then what will happen in the future? Remember Phil Dominguez? Sandra Hutchens?

There are many people in positions of influence who would love for us to hand them complete and total power. Our forefathers knew many such people. It is because they knew these people would forever be a danger to our freedom that they drafted the most progressive constitution and bill of rights the world has ever known. Among all modern nations in our world, the United States is still the only nation where the Constitution specifically states:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

In the words of George Santayana:

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

(Added later)

I am not the only one sounding a warning clarion. Yuri Orlov has this to say:

And so we will have former soldiers, former police, and former prisoners: a big happy family, with a few bad apples and some violent tendencies. The end result will be a country awash with various categories of armed men, most of them unemployed, and many of them borderline psychotic. The police in the United States are a troubled group. Many of them lose all touch with people who are not "on the force" and most of them develop an us-versus-them mentality. The soldiers returning from a tour of duty often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. The paroled prisoners suffer from a variety of psychological ailments as well. All of them will sooner or later realize that their problems are not medical but rather political. This will make it impossible for society to continue to exercise control over them. All of them will be making good use of their weapons training and other professional skills to acquire whatever they need to survive. And the really important point to remember is that they will do these things whether or not anyone thinks it legal for them to do be doing them.

Okay, a caveat on Mr. Orlov's theory:
Yuri Orlov is a former Soviet. He probably does not fully appreciate just how many Americans currently own firearms. The usefulness and effectiveness of former gang members, military people, and former police officers will be dramatically more limited as ordinary people either take charge of their own self-defense or provide defense for both themselves and their neighbors.

No one wants our civilization to collapse, but if it does, who would you rather trust your life and the lives of your family to, a neighbor you have known for a couple decades or an Iraq war returnee with questionable sanity? Not that all former military and police will be unstable. Not at all. Some of your neighbors might very well be warzone returnees or former law enforcement that you are more than willing to trust with your life. However, I strongly suspect that most of your neighbors are ordinary people just like you.

Wouldn't you be safer, regardless of whether or not there is a collapse, if you and your neighbor are both proficient in the use of firearms and you have a nice little arsenal of your own?