February 11, 2009

Perhaps the time has come to fight dirty

I think the time has come to beat the Brady Center and their supporters once and for all. What we need is a Class Action Suit filed against Sarah Brady, Paul Helmke, Rep. Bobby Rush (author of H.R. 45) , The State of California (Dangerous Weapons Control Laws, Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale, other Sundry Laws and Restrictions), The Federal Government of the United States (for passing and enforcing the National Firearms Act) and everyone else who either has authored or is trying to pass into law any regulation limiting the Second Amendment. The basis of the Class Action Suit should be that by actively restricting access to military grade personal weapons, other personal weapons of choice, and the ammunition to use those weapons, they have violated the Militia Acts of 1792, 1862, and 1903 and by this violation have engaged in High Treason against the People of the United States by preventing them from fulfilling their right to self-defense and their duty to defend their nation in a time of war, specifically, the Ongoing War on Terror in which, by Presidential Decree, the entire globe including the lands and territories of the United States all inclusive, is considered to be the current theater of operations.

If we are at war then any action taken to interfere with the people's ability to conduct that war, including the unconstitutional Patriot Act, must be legally considered to be an act of High Treason and punishable as such.

Perhaps, by changing the entire debate and framing for what it really is, a treasonous attempt to circumvent or eliminate the Rights of the People as defined in the Constitution, groups such as the ACLU, NRA, and GOA can bridge their differences and work together to reverse this ominous trend that historically has only one final result: tyranny!

The more I learn about the past century and how deeply and thoroughly Constitutional rights have been ignored, circumvented, or in practice completely overturned, the angrier I become. In addition to the big three mentioned above, American civil rights advocacy groups everywhere need to realize that it's not just about First, Second, Fourth, or Fifth Amendment rights relevant to their particular corner of the playground. This is an issue that directly affects the daily life of every single American. We must choose whether we will go forward as a free people governed by the rule of law who reserve to the people alone the legal sovereignty of their nation, or whether we will continue to spiral downward into an aristocratic dictatorship disguised as a social democracy. As long as the various Civil Rights groups refuse to cooperate and spend more time fighting one another than working toward the restoration of Constitutional law for everyone, the greater the likelihood we will all wake up one day with no civil liberties at all.

We can defeat them in courts now, or we can transform the nation into a battlefield sometime in the near future. With history as my judge, I swear to you there is no other choice.