February 24, 2009

Rotten at the core

Remember this post?: Now you'll really need a gun!

Well, today I have a few more articles to consider:
Sharia Law Becoming a Reality in Some American Communities
Barry Rubin Warns New American Initiatives Will Make a Bad Situation Worse
Pro-Palestinian Diplomat Appointed to Head National Intelligence Council
New NIC Head Favored Earlier, Harsher Response to Tienanmen Square

Two horrible realities have been forced on the British people by their elected officials. One of them, a total ban on handguns, I wrote about in this post: "Reality Check Time". The other could never have been made possible without the first. Sharia courts now handle most minor and some major criminal cases within British Muslim communities:
Oct 2003, Women and Sharia Law in Britain
Feb 2006, 40% of British Muslims Want Sharia Law
Nov 2006, As Authority Collapses Sharia Law Expands
Feb 2008, Sharia Law in Britain May Be Unavoidable
Sep 2008, First Official Sharia Law Courts Held

I have read the Koran a couple of times. I have studied the Old Testament (Jewish Torah) extensively. I am a born-again Christian who has spent the past thirty years deeply influenced by Biblical teaching. I am also a devoutly patriotic American. You need to know these things about me because they color everything I write. When I speak of Islam, the Koran, and Muslim philosophy I do not speak as an expert, but neither do I speak from complete ignorance. I am also a student of history and through my history studies I have come to recognize the patterns that govern how a society changes.

If President Obama succeeds in bringing members of Hamas and their families to the United States for resettlement, then within a decade entire segments of naturalized and freeborn American citizens will never enjoy the liberties promised them by the Bill of Rights. Mark your calendars with today's date. Remember it well. When the time comes that Sharia courts in the United States imprison women for being raped, order wives caught in adultery stoned to death without fear, and encourage your neighbors to take up arms and demand Sharia become the law of the land, then remember that a crazy American expatriate living in Japan saw it coming ten years earlier.

June 17, 2007, Sharia Law Gaining Support in Minnesota
March/April 2008, Minnesota Taxpayers Paying for Islamic Education
January 24, 2009, 20 Somali-American Men May Have Been Recruited for Jihad
January 28, 2009, Have Americans Been Recruited for Jihad?
Minnesota Foundation Report, Many Somali Refugees Resettle in Minnesota
Muslim American Society of Minnesota

I don't mind if half the people in America become Muslims. I don't mind at all. However, if that half seeks to overturn 230+ years of sacrifice, dedication, and loyalty to an ideal of freedom and liberty for everyone, then I have a problem. Fundamental Christians might seek to enforce Old Testament law in their personal lives, but they would never set up courts based on Torah Law nor would they require stoning and other brutal punishments for adulteresses or thieves. The teachings of Christ will always mediate and soften even the most extreme forms of Christian legalism. There is no such mediating factor in the Koran. In fact, the second half of the Koran is more vehemently legalistic than the first half, leading Koranic scholars and theologians to emphasize Sharia law and social conventions that denigrate women in the name of "protecting the weaker sex".

The more we allow radical Muslims to resettle in the United States, the more they will demand the imposition of Sharia law. We cannot allow ourselves to fall under the same naive belief that the British held concerning the benevolence of the Muslim community's religious leaders. There is a real danger that we will allow the milder, more moderate Muslims to convince us that their more radical brethren are more comic than cause for concern. This was the same mistake that Iran made in 1979. These people are dedicated to their Imams in ways that surpass even Catholic loyalty to the Pope. As long as the Imam is modern and benevolent there is no problem. However, when poverty and oppression create desperation among the people and a radical Imam rises to power, nothing short of death will stop them from reaching their goal of transforming whatever community they live in.

When the battle lines are drawn five years from now, Americans must rest firmly upon the fundamental law of their land and imprison or even execute the more radical Imams as soon as they appear. Freedom of Speech is important, vitally important, and the more radical Imams must be allowed their Freedom of Speech, but the moment they move from spiritual inspiration to political instigation, Separation of Church and State must be immediately imposed. Failure to do so can only lead to one place, Sharia courts in Muslim communities denying Constitutional rights to their own people.

The battle to restore the Constitution and Bill of Rights to prominence in our land is not just a Second Amendment issue. It is the only way to insure that future generations will have the tools to oppose all forms of tyranny isolated communities within our borders attempt to enforce. We cannot allow any form of tyranny to take root at any level of society. The moment it takes root, it will rapidly spread until personal tyranny is considered common sense. At that point, political tyranny is only one election away.

After spending six hours on research, I find I'm a day late and a dollar short!
Armed Citizen: Muslims Want to Take Over America

The danger of us gun nuts is not all the times we're wrong. No, the real danger is not recognizing the one time we're right.