February 03, 2009

Smooth move by Putin

One of the stories I listed up in my last post was this one: Russia Wants Say in Management of US Federal Reserve Bank.
Then today, I find this: Kyrgyzstan Decides to Close Critical US Air Base.

Well, I have to give credit where credit is due. Obviously Putin has decided the United States is dead in the water and it is time for Russia to take over. If President Obama doesn't come out with some fast global countermoves, all the stimulus packages in the world will not prevent the bankruptcy and political isolation of the United States.

Nice move, Putin. I hate that you're probably going to get away with it, but it was a nice move.

Over at Sipsey Street Irregulars, the Moon is Down and all is not well with the night.

With every passing day I grow afraid. I am glad Barack Obama beat out John McCain, for I am 100% certain that no matter how bad things get over the next four years, McCain would have made them even worse. On the other hand, as things spiral out of control I fear more than anything else that I will one day soon wake up to find myself trapped in Japan when my country needs every single citizen more desperately than they have ever needed them before.

It's an odd thing, really. I woke up one day last summer and realized that my country matters to me more than my family, more than my comfortable lifestyle, more than life itself. I've always been a patriot, even though patriotism is highly unfashionable in today's world. I served four years in the United States Army and I am glad for every minute of it, even the ones I hated. This was long before the Bush-Cheney team hired mercenaries to do the military's work. Not only did they hire mercenaries, they changed the oath every soldier takes to defend the Constitution and made it into an oath to obey the Commander in Chief at all costs.

If we sit back and allow the economic elites to steal our country, then ...

I am so horrified by the thought I cannot even complete it.

And what exactly is it that I'm afraid of? This:

Mistaken Identification Leads to SWAT Raid on House
Drug Company Pays off the Competition
Blackwater Not Subject to Civilian Law
$50 Billion Lost to Fraud and Waste in Iraq Reconstruction

Sen. Harry Reid Claims "Voluntary Compliance", but Penalties for "Cheating" (<---This last one is a video interview at YouTube)

etc., etc.