February 21, 2009


Illinois General Assembly Bill HB0687

Now that you've read the bill itself, go to Sensibly Progressive and watch the seven-minute segment of the Glenn Beck show he has embedded on his page.

Let me start by mentioning that the Brady Campaign has removed an opinion piece from their website which accused John Lott of racism. The page was up as recently as two weeks ago, but when I went looking for it today it was gone. I would really like everyone who favors restriction or repeal of the Second Amendment to take a moment and seriously consider what the effect would be of passing every law the Brady Campaign is working to achieve.

As I pointed out as recently as February 15th, the top five percent of our economic elite believe they and they alone deserve the right to self-defense. The insurance bill being proposed in the Illinois senate is a perfect example. Not only would this bill make it impossible for a minimum wage earning single working mother to buy a gun to defend her family, there is no way she could afford the insurance burden such a law would bring.

Another problem, why should a criminal have the right to sue a victim who shoots them in self-defense? Because in the end, the main people who would be embarking on legal action to collect that million dollars in insurance money would be the criminals victimized by ordinary citizens.