February 13, 2009

What is wrong with this picture?

Eric Holder Originally Formulated Corporate Fraud Investigation Policy

Of particular interest are these two paragraphs:
A decade ago, after Holder, who was deputy attorney general at the time, heard persistent complaints from corporate defense lawyers, he enlisted a group of government lawyers to draft guidelines for prosecutors handling business cases. The Holder memo instructed lawyers to take into account a company's cooperation with authorities in deciding whether to bring an indictment. The government wields substantial leverage in negotiations, because even the threat of criminal charges can put some companies out of business, as happened to accounting firm Arthur Andersen more than six years ago.

In 2001, Holder left government and moved into a lucrative career in private law practice, conducting investigations for companies and then sharing the results with prosecutors in exchange for leniency.

So, he formulates the official Department of Justice policy for investigating and prosecuting fraud cases, then immediately leaves government service and goes to work defending corporations from fraud investigations.


If that does not completely fulfill the definition of "conflict of interest" and "government corruption", what does? And now this fellow is suddenly responsible for prosecuting those companies and individuals which created this mess? Maybe I'm an idiot, but it strikes me that the #1 criminal responsible for this mess is Eric Holder himself!

And then politicians wonder why people like me are sounding a clarion call for armed revolt.

GAO Reports Tens of Thousands of Misplaced Small Arms in Afghanistan

I sometimes wonder if I am the only person in the world angered by the willingness of my government to outfit foreign armies with automatic rifles that hit harder and have twice the effective range of those carried by America soldiers. Not only are they selling AK-47s and RPGs to the Afghan military and police, they don't even bother to record the serial numbers!

Whose brilliant idea was that?


Gun Show Loophole? More Like GAO Loophole!

Sipsey Street Irregulars has an enlightening rebuttal to the insistence by the Washington Post, the Brady Campaign and others, that American gun shows are feeding the arms trade in Northern Mexico. It turns out that the real culprit is not civilian gun shows at all. Rather, it is redirected or stolen arms and munitions provided by the American and South Korean governments, just like in Afghanistan!

Are you paying attention, Brady Campaign and allies? It's not the civilian market providing guns to criminals. It's the governments themselves!