February 07, 2009

Why can't America be more like Britain?

Hopefully it's because we're smart enough to learn from Britain's mistakes. After all, rebelling against them back in the 18th Century is how we became a nation in the first place!

But don't be fooled. There is a powerful, influential group of people who have dedicated their lives to making America more like Britain. These people have a culture of wealth and privilege that openly admires the British Royal Family, the House of Lords, and the freedom Britian's nobility have in getting legislation passed that makes the lives of the rich and famous easier even as it restricts the freedoms of everyone else.

Take gun control, for example. Ten years ago Britain banned handguns, except for members of parliment and the House of Lords. The House of Lords is above the restriction. Who is the House of Lords? They are not elected and not answerable to anyone other than themselves. They are the head of house for every single noble family in Britain. They are the traditional bloodlines of noble, aristocratic houses with direct links to the Royal Family.

Are you following me? They outlawed handguns for everyone except the hereditary noblility! This is what the American economic elite seeks to emulate and mimic. They want the same rights and privileges as the House of Lords! They want to become princes and princesses who inherit their power and influence and pass it on to their children.

Don't believe me? Listen for yourself: Bill Clinton at Conference of Mayors

Oh, and that handgun ban? It's not working. According to an August, 2008 article at the Guardian, guns are easier to get than ever and all the cool kids want one. Not only do they want to carry one, their street reputation expands dramatically every time they kill an unarmed person.

Do you want America to be more like Britain? I don't!