March 30, 2009

Constant Vigilance or Plain Old Paranoia?

I have been sitting over here in Japan watching the huge foofaraw over North Korea's impending launch of a satellite wondering what all the fuss was about. Their one nuke test failed badly and while a couple tons of high explosive can do some serious damage, it falls far short of the damage potential in a one kiloton tactical nuclear warhead, let alone something much larger. The Taepodong-2 missile North Korea has recently positioned on a launch pad would have to have a payload far below a single ton in order to reach any country outside its immediate neighbors (Japan, Russia, China, South Korea) so while Japan needs to be worried, I couldn't understand why Secretary of State Clinton was all up in arms.

It seems I'd forgotten about a much more modern, much lighter, much more deadly payload: the EMP.

Over at, however, Newt Gingrich is reminding all of us that anyone who can put a satellite in orbit can also put an EMP device anywhere in the world:

On Feb. 3, Iran launched a “communications satellite” into orbit. At this very moment, North Korea is threatening to do the same. The ability to launch an alleged communications satellite belies a far more frightening truth. A rocket that can carry a satellite into orbit also can drop a nuclear warhead over any location on the planet in less than 45 minutes.

Far too many timid or uninformed sources maintain that a single launch of a missile poses no true threat to the United States, given our retaliatory power.

A reality check is in order and must be discussed in response to such an absurd claim: In fact, one small nuclear weapon, delivered by an ICBM can destroy the United States by maximizing the effect of the resultant electromagnetic pulse upon detonation.

So, in short, if North Korea, Iran, or some other ill-mannered nation could get their hands on a half-ton nuclear device (such as a left-over Soviet-era tactical nuke) and then modify it to both maximize the EMP effect and to fit on top their "satellite-capable rocket", they have suddenly become just as dangerous as any nation in the world with a full-on nuclear arsenal numbering in the tens of thousands.

Well, okay. Newt does have a valid point. There is a very real danger that a small nation with the capability to launch satellites could fire off an EMP at Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan, the western half of Russia, South Korea, China, or some other G-8 or G-20 nation and cause widespread damage to the modern world. If they were to target Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei, Brussels, or some other city that functions as a key clearinghouse for financial transactions, then they could bring down our currently faltering economy with a single stroke. If they wait until the economy has recovered, they could throw us right back into a global economic state similar to the current depression.

Of course, doing so would hurt the developing nation even worse than it would hurt the developed nations, but if a national leader is sadistic enough, desperate enough, angry enough, or self-sacrificing enough to throw his own country back into the stone age, then deploying such an attack might prove very attractive. On the other hand, for someone like the Taliban or Iranian Ayatollahs, the stone age is the preferred level of industrial development anyway. In their case I imagine they would fire off their EMP device the very same day they readied it. We would have no warning, and no advance notice of any kind because their planning phase would be minimal, probably only a matter of a few days. Far too short a time for modern intelligence networks to pick up the scattered data indicating an imminent attack and put the pieces together.

When considering all of this it is also important to consider the likelihood of it actually happening. To my mind, it is no less likely (and no more likely!) than Yellowstone's Caldera or one of the other super volcanoes blowing their top without warning, a planetesimal or cometary impact out of nowhere, an unexpected shift or collapse of the world's magnetic sphere, or even the bombarding of the earth by a cataclysmic solar storm. The possibility of any of these disasters is relatively equivalent, meaning that sooner or later all of them will happen but the likelihood of any one of them happening in the lifetime of a given individual (such as you or me) is almost zero.

Constant vigilance as an attitude and approach to life has fallen into disfavor in modern times. Nowadays if a person is constantly on the alert for external threats to their person, their family, or their property, we call them "paranoid". The problem that arises is that a complete lack of vigilance is exactly what makes tragedies like mass shootings and terrorist strikes possible. We need to be aware that our world is, in truth, a very dangerous place. While the odds of any one individual being caught up in something catastrophic is minimal, everyday someone, somewhere faces some kind of unexpected danger. The only sure way to avoid becoming a victim is to practice constant vigilance and be aware that anything is possible, even if it is unlikely.

Fortune favors the prepared. It always has, and it always will.

Niki Raapana is Warning of a "Quiet Revolution"

According to Niki Raapana, there is a Quiet Revolution being waged with the goal of implementing UN-mandated socialism in communities all across the United States. These initiatives are being called a "Third Way" that "transcends both Left and Right".

There's that word, again, "transcends". This word, along with "transform" have become New Age doublespeak that most people interpret one way while the speaker means something entirely different. Most people interpret both words as a form of improvement, usually involving either a spiritual drive to a more advanced morality or the evolution from an archaic system to a more modern one. What the adherents of the Quiet Revolution really mean is secretly driving societies based on individual rights into social democracies based on Marxist principles of productivity and Hegelian principles of social order. In short, the Quiet Revolution intends to shift the entire globe into a "benevolent" dictatorship led by "better educated and informed" politicians and business leaders. The ultimate goal would be to have the entire globe apply the same kind of social structure as is currently being used in the People's Republic of China.

Yes, I am indeed saying that old-school communism, hidden behind a mask of benevolent concern for the underprivileged, has once again reared its ugly head. Only this time instead of armed revolution the new communists are seeking to work within the existing political systems to subvert or render ineffective the personal liberties that impede their utopian ideal. Little things like Freedom of Speech, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, or Freedom from Search and Seizure, are impediments that they are pushing legislative controls and community-based programs to counter.

They don't want individuals standing up and demanding the freedom to live their life as they choose. The new communists are completely convinced that if they can just push through enough community-based social programs, and leglislate enough local inspections, they will be able to make it both illegal and immoral to disagree with their divine vision. At that point they believe the entire globe will somehow magically be transformed into an earthly paradise.

Calling it a conspiracy does not do it justice. No, in reality what is happening is an elitist culture shared by the graduates of the world's top universities seeks to impose its own cultural paradigm on the rest of us whether we like it or not. This is cultural imperialism of the highest order.

There is only one way to stop it. Start attending city council meetings and county boards. Demand local politicians refuse participation in UN Local Agenda 21 programs such as COPS, SARA, and ABCD. In and of themselves, none of these programs is singularly damaging. The problem arises when all of the programs together are implemented in a community. At that point, any individual who fails to agree with the platform being pushed by the programs becomes a threat to the "awakening community" and is forced out through an eminent domain suit that buys their personal house and attached lands at a price deemed reasonable by the local government. Those assets then become "public property" and are used to further advance the Local Agenda 21 program of complete domination by "experts".

These elists are coming into your neighborhood and forcing everyone in it to adhere to a cultural paradigm based not on empowering the individual but on forced submission to the collective will.

In other words, if you do not rise up and take charge of your own community, an army of Federally-mandated, UN-supported experts will come in and do it for you. If you don't like their solutions, they will force you off your property and out of your neighborhood.

Worst of all, once they force you out they don't care where you wind up. The fact that over the past decade millions of families in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and even Europe have been made homeless by forced implementation of UN Local Agenda 21 programs does not concern them in the least. Their justification is that war and revolution displaces far more people than they do and since their programs eliminate dissent, the benefits justify the cost.

(Added on March 31, 2009)

Faciamus has found a genuine agenda outlining the changes being forced on modern society:
The Frankfurt School Conspiracy to Corrupt
Catholic Insight Article quoted by Fasciamus
The Frankfurt School at Wikipedia
History of the Frankfurt School
Biographies of Members of the Frankfurt School

So, today, without warning, I have suddenly learned when and how the elitists developed their cultural bias. Maybe "conspiracy" really is an appropriate term after all.

March 29, 2009

Public Health and Safety Amendment

I've been thinking (yes, I know, "dangerous habit"). I think the key to both minimizing the size of the Federal government and limiting its ability to interfere with issues like narcotics, food safety, and the Second Amendment, would be a new Amendment to the Constitution. After all, if we limit the ability to meddle in interstate commerce and pass the enforcement of health related issues to the states, then we could eliminate with a single stroke of a pen somewhere around 25% of the Federal budget while at the same time putting paid to the gun control lobby's misuse of the Constitution to limit the Bill of Rights. Something like this:

Neither the Legislative, Judicial, nor Executive branches of the Federal government shall be allowed to pass or enforce any laws, regulations, judgements, or orders relating to either public safety or interstate commerce except those directly pertaining to the introduction of contaminants, defects in manufacturing, or safety of conveyance; nor shall they create or maintain any agency charged with enforcing such laws, regulations, judgements, or orders; nor shall they comply with any international agency that attempts to enforce such laws, regulations, judgements, or orders.

This would reinforce the original intent of the interstate commerce act, insure the legality of the interstate commerce act, and prevent the interstate commerce act from being used to limit State's rights in relationship to alcohol, narcotics, and firearms. Regulations related to product safety would by and large be retained, and would remain the responsibility of the FBI, but the DEA and BATFE would both be disbanded. Most important of all, it would help prohibit future governments from succumbing to international pressure to change the Constitution in order to forward a global agenda that would deprive the American people of their sovereign rights.

Soon as I get moved back to the United States I'm going to start collecting signatures and bombarding my congressional representatives with this suggestion.

If you're reading this and you like this idea, I would encourage you to go ahead and start a similar initiative in your state.

March 27, 2009

What is happening in the heartland?

On March 9, 2009, I reported that Monsanto Corporation is trying to force through legislation that would destroy the ability of American citizens to either set up roadside fruit and vegetable stands or buy from them. Apparently there is a hidden, unreported offensive being waged against the few surviving family farms left in the United States. There are rumors that the FDA has been working through local law enforcement agencies to entrap Amish and Mennonite farm families into handing over raw milk, raw eggs, and other homegrown products in order to bring food safety charges or unlawful retail food sales charges against them. Considering all the recent problems with imported food from China and Mexico, it strikes me that if these rumors are true, then the globalist conspiracy nuts might not be crying wolf after all. I find highly ironic that in the salmonella case a major contributor to the outbreak turned out to be the Peanut Corporation of America, a fully licensed and authorized food wholesaler based in Virginia.

The part that disturbs me the most is that there has not been so much as a whisper of this in the major media. As I researched today's post, I also found that the insurance industry is also taking damage from the globalization of food resources.

On one level, I can sympathize with the panic tearing through board rooms of international petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and financial companies around the globe. They've had it good for a very long time. For three generations now multinationals have had free run of the rapidly expanding global market. And not just the corporations, either. In the UK, China, the old Soviet Union, most Arab countries, and North Korea, the corporations are the government and the government runs the corporations. Sadly, over the past two decades this has become true in the United States as well.

As Karl Denniger has pointed out numerous times over at The Market Ticker, ever since World War 2, and possibly World War 1, the world's body politic has struggled to minimize the damage suffered by corporations during normal economic downturns. Their belief has been that whatever was good for the multinationals, was good for the people. In the meantime, the fallout from this "gaming" of the downturns has been genocide in Cambodia, Rwanda, and Darfur, as well as endless civil wars in both South America and Africa. Naturally, the world's super rich are "suffering" in the current economic crisis, but not anywhere near as much as they deserve, at least in my opinion. I'm sure they see things differently.

There is a secret the super rich dreaming of world domination do not want the rest of us to know. It's a simple thing, really. We don't need them! The problem is, the world they are creating for us is a very comfortable place. Expensive, and cataclysmically damaging to the natural world, but very comfortable. A lot of people are angry at Pres. Obama for pushing the United States closer to a socialist or Marxist economic model. There is a reason for this. As long as we are spending money, the super rich are making money. The one advantage to a socialist society is the consistent demand for useless trinkets like iPods, laptops, and color televisions. With "recreational drugs" to keep us docile and lots of shiny trinkets to keep us comfortable, the super rich can go on living the life royal and believing in their heart of hearts that they really are genetically superior to the rest of us.

They don't want you to go "Off-Grid". Every time another person leaves behind the modern world for a cabin in the mountains or some other low-tech lifestyle, they lose another willing slave. Over at there are lots of helpful people building silent fortunes while using the highest techologies they can get their hands on to convince the rest of we don't need hi-tech solutions in our daily life. The modern world is as rich in irony as it is in material goods!

The Amish, Hutterite, and Mennonite communities have traditionally refused any form of modern technology. However, ever since the "information age" began, things have changed. The Hutterites have their own website and Amish farms take in lodgers for a unique summer vacation experience! Meanwhile the Mennonites have become fully integrated with modern society.

So where does that leave you and I? in all honesty, I don't know. My deepest wish is to live off-grid, and always has been. My family, on the other hand, dreams of luxury and big city delights. I want a cabin on several hundred acres of mountainside rich in biodiversity, my wife and children want a luxury penthouse rich in gold sink fittings. Monsanto wants to end family farms once and for all, while Donald Trump wants a tower in every major city in the world. GM wants the American people to both pay the bills for making cars and pay the bills for buying them. With all this information available to us at the tip of our fingers, is it any wonder all of us have become schizophrenic, deluded, and hooked on anti-depressants!

I've meandered way off-track today. Sorry about that. Still sick and as a result, a bit delirious. I originally came online to learn more about Colony Collapse Disorder and to find the website for the Ohio Beekeepers Association!

March 26, 2009

Let the Patriot Act Expire!

FBI Urges Renewal of Patriot Act

I've been sick the past few days, and probably will continue to be sick for a few more, but when I saw this headline I could not turn away.

I have never supported the misnamed, Constitution-destroying "USA Patriot Act". To my mind this travesty of justice and the abuses of power it allowed marks the ultimate betrayal of everything a Republican President is expected to protect. If Pres. Obama had moved to repeal this idiocy it would have dampened some of my disappointment in his continued illegal support of an undeserving economic elite. But if he will not repeal, at the very least he can let it die quietly once and for all.

The problem with something as invasive and destructive as the loss of Freedom from Search and Seizure or any other Constitutionally protected right is not that this loss benefits a benevolent government while protecting those who support that government. The problem with even temporarily withdrawing a protected freedom is the ever-present danger that this abridgment will play into the hands of a government that is not benevolent at all. Temporary infringement on any of our inalienable rights makes it that much easier for tyranny to sneak in through the back door, establish itself, and then refuse to restore the protections government is charged with preserving.

Remember, the government does not grant sovereign rights to the people. The primary role of our Constitutional government is to protect those rights the people already possess. This is the key difference between the American Constitutional Republic and any other government ever established or presently existing. In our country, the primary role of government is to protect pre-existing rights, not to grant rights it was never entitled to in the first place. In every other government established or currently existing, the sovereign rights are held by the government and granted to the people and this is reflected in how those governments conduct their daily business.

For example, the reason Britain was able to ban firearms a decade ago was because the government controls all sovereign rights in the land, granting and withdrawing those rights as Parliament or the House of Lords see fit. Or consider Japan, where even though the post-World War 2 Constitution states that "sovereign rights are held by the people", there is no provision for the people to directly exercise those rights because the Prime Minister is chosen by the ruling party and not by the people. The Prime Minister, in turn, is charged with enabling or disabling the sovereign rights of the people in accordance with the needs arising during his tenure.

So, in short, if Pres. Obama is not going to repeal the USA Patriot Act, then the very least he can do is allow it to expire come December.


US Department of Justice Determined 80% of US Crime is Gang-Related
The Twelve Who Manufactured a Global Economic Collapse

March 25, 2009

Not again!

So, if I've understood the explanation, the U.S. Taxpayer (you and me) could potentially be stuck with untold trillions in worthless assets, whereas Goldman Sachs (the main culprit behind the collapse!) could potentially make untold trillions while taking no risk of their own.

If I were in the States right now I'd be organizing the biggest, baddest, noisiest Washington Mall gathering since the Vietnam War era. This is insane! These people, namely Goldman Sachs and their Wall Street cronies, as a reward for destroying the world economy are going to be given the opportunity to make even more ridiculous amounts of money than they already possess while sticking ME with the bill? And I'm supposed to be happy about this? I'm supposed to be jumping up and down with joy because my father's Social Security is going to be taxed to pay for Paulson's royal retirement?

Hell no! March on Wall Street! Pull your mutual funds and 401Ks out of every brokerage in America! Deluge the Whitehouse and Congress with angry e-mail! Whatever you do, do NOT just sit back and accept this travesty of justice!

I've got a better idea. How about we take everyone anywhere in the world who made more than $250,000 trading these so-called "toxic assets" and hang them! Now that's a "bailout" plan I'd be happy to support!

History is repeating itself

Boston Gazette, September 26, 1768:
It is reported that the Governor has said, that he has Three Things in Command from the Ministry, more grievous to the People, than any Thing hitherto made known. It is conjectured 1st, that the Inhabitants of this Province are to be disarmed. 2d The Province to be governed by Martial Law. And 3d, that a Number of Gentlemen who have exerted themselves in the Cause of the Country are to be seized and sent to Great-Britain.

An e-mail from Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars to J. C. Wilmore at Daily Kos and posted at both places:
If we cannot agree on something as basic as the sanctity of life, the inalienable rights to property and liberty (see in starkest relief in the gun control debate) and the basic right to be left alone by a nanny-state government turned predatory, does ANYTHING else we agree on matter?

There are two fundamentally different visions at work here and throughout history such divisions have rarely been settled except by civil war.

An editorial on the rise of Constitutionalist Militias by David Neiwert at Crooks and Liars:
The Missouri State Patrol's information arm recently compiled a report about militias (you can read it here), largely as a way of helping to inform their officers in the field, who are the people most at risk when it comes to random encounters with armed right-wing extremists.

The report, unsurprisingly, created a firestorm among the conservatives who suddenly found they had more of a resemblance to a right-wing extremist than they thought...

...What the report reflects is a reality that law enforcement trying to deal with domestic terrorism in America must confront: Their subjects are thoroughly American; many of the people drawn into these movements are, if anything, "hyper-normal." Their version of "patriotism," for instance, is so extreme that they actually hate not just their government but their fellow citizens -- in essence, their country: because, you see, it has been "perverted" from its original purposes.

And a bit of advice from me!:
An educational and entertaining bookmark worth having is the Charters of Freedom website, where one can find The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and The Bill of Rights, side-by-side along with some other pages providing a brief historical context.

For most Americans educated before the Summer of Love, the founding documents and our shared history of bloodshed is a sacred tradition as holy and circumspect as the Bible, the Qur'an, or even the Kama Sutra. For most Americans educated during or after that notorious summer, neither the founding documents nor any holy book have any real meaning. For post-1967 educated people, secular humanism with a strong, carefully hidden strain of good, old-fashioned Marxism is the only "rational" way to view reality and anyone who does not subscribe to their "rational" plans for making the world a better place is either delusional or dangerous, and probably both!

For three decades now I have watched the division between these two groups of people grow ever deeper and ever more contentious. Neither group considers any point raised by their opponents to be emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually valid. The modern world, with the United States and European academic movement at its core, has become an intolerant, unforgiving place where "rational discourse" only takes place between people who already agree with one another. The post-1967 group calls on legislative authority and pure logic to justify their excesses, while the pre-1967 group rests on an unshakable foundation of tradition and history.

Both groups are idiots.

I'm sorry, but that's the simple reality. In my never humble opinion neither group deserves to survive the coming century. Sadly, if history is any indication of the future, neither side will. A firestorm of violence is going to tear through our world in the coming weeks, months, and years as these two groups come to blows while Islamic fascists take advantage of the turmoil to block off a section of the world and plunge it into a new dark age. Once the traditionalists and the modernists start their shooting war (and make no mistake, that is exactly what is coming!), the Islamic fascists will overthrow several key oil nations and use their newfound wealth to feed both sides of the conflict.

I saw this day approaching a decade after the Summer of Love when I came to age in the midst of a generation that could not decide whether to celebrate Christmas or Samhein, whether to eat cows or enshrine them, and whether to install the latest computer controlled central heating or buy a wood stove. Choice is a fine thing, and the wondrous array of options available to those of us who live in "civilized" countries is mind-boggling. However, the modernists want to write thousands of new laws requiring us to conform to their ideal while the traditionalists demand to be left alone with their Franklin stove and homemade pemmican.

Given that the modernists currently control most of the free world's governments, the traditionalists are finding themselves legislated out of existence and they are not at all happy about it. This is why a shooting war between the two camps has become inevitable. I'm expecting to see a civil war or other armed uprising in the United States before year-end. As talented and gifted as Pres. Obama is, he has chosen to surround himself with synchophants who honestly believe they have succeeded in their life's purpose and now are looking for ways to reap the benefits without letting anyone know what they are doing. The disconnect at the top will continue to widen and when the shooting starts, no one will be more surprised than the President and his still incomplete Cabinet.

I wonder, sometimes, when the history of the coming civil war is written, whether or not my little blog or one like it will still be available for the scholars perusal. There are a few of us sitting here on this fence shaking our heads at both camps, but very few. When the shooting starts, I know which side I will slide onto, and I suspect everyone currently fence-sitting has already decided in their own heart which side they will align themselves with, as well. Unfortunately, once a conflict like this gets started, there really is no way to bring it to a close until both sides have completely exhausted their resources. Barring outside intervention, of course.

No, the Islamic fascist movement will not join either side. They're too smart for that. They will profit off of both then pick through the ruins and claim any valuables left in the rubble for themselves.

It has been a long, hard winter, and there is no relief in sight.

March 24, 2009

Like the British, the Canadians are Losing Faith

Over at Dave Warren Online, a Canadian citizen is bemoaning the failure of a health system identical to the one Pres. Obama is seeking to create in the United States. Mr. Warren has also come to realize that having a gun would be a very good idea for people living or working inside some of Canada's "peaceful, gun-free cities".

Cracks are beginning to appear in the false promise of the socialist utopia the New World Order has sold lock, stock, and barrel to Britain, Australia, and Canada.

Go read David Warren's edgy, worried opinion piece. Then look carefully at the Brady Campaign and their hollow promises of an end to violence.

Those who would repeal the Second Amendment are not concerned with your safety. There is no place in the world where banning guns has brought about a more peaceful society! Not a single one.

If your safety is not their primary concern, it is only reasonable to ask, "What are they really after?"

By now, anyone who has read more than a handful of my posts knows beyond a shadow of a doubt what I think they are after. I don't blame shadowy groups like Bildenberg or the Trilateral Commission. I don't blame secret societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati. I blame you, and I blame me. Without our willing compliance, none of this would have been possible.

I tried. For ten years, from 1977 to 1987, I sounded the alarm and no one listened, so I gave up. About a year ago, I began sounding the alarm again. I have spent almost a full year pointing at each and every initiative that those who believe themselves transcendent to you and I have put forward in an effort to enslave us.

This year, 2009, is the year of decision. This is the year where one of two things will happen: the elitists will have their New World Order, leading all of us merrily into the Biblical apocalypse, or the New World Order will be crushed so completely and utterly that it will take a full generation or more for them to recover their momentum.

The question each of us faces is simple. Do you want your children to have the chance to live out their lives in peace and prosperity or do you want to allow the end to come and overwhelm us all?

This is the year of decision. The time has come to choose your side. By year-end, there will be no middle ground.

March 22, 2009

Now I understand

America has truly gone to the dogs... Er, "dawgs".

Eric Holder Promises Fed Will Stop DEA Raids on Medical Pot

So, in short, the new AG loves pot and hates guns.

As I have said before, not once, but over and over again, until after thirty years and six months, I am honestly tired of repeating myself, the core culture that made America great has been abandoned by an entire generation and that generation is now in charge of our country!

The hippies and their "free love" Marx-inspired culture of "collective rights" has supplanted the ideals of individual freedom and liberty. They want free speech not to engage in open debate, but to condemn out of hand everyone who disagrees with them. They want to destroy the Second Amendment not because they fear for public safety, but because they fear for their own lives. They know they are in complete opposition to everything this country has ever stood for, and they know that disarming the American public is the last step before implementing a global dictatorship.

If you haven't read the Book of Revelation lately, now would be a really good time.

March 20, 2009

Case Dismissed

Case Against Iknadosian Dismissed

Everyone remembers Mr. Iknadosian, right? Formerly a citizen of Egypt, he migrated to the United States some time ago and opened a gun shop in California. When California's insane gun laws became too much to bother with, he moved his business to Phoenix, Arizona. The ATF alleges that he intentionally and with full understanding of his actions sold almost 700 AK-47s to straw buyers who later delivered those weapons to the Sinaola Mexican drug cartel and other unsavory characters.

For the past three months every anti-gun group in existence has pointed to this case as proof positive that the main source of arms for the Mexican cartels is American gun shops and gun shows. Unfortunately, it now appears that there was NO evidence of Mr. Iknadosian's guilt.

I'll be honest. Having read a variety of reports about this case, the evidence directly quoted in those reports did indeed indicate that Mr. Iknadosian was selling to people he knew were straw buyers. My own opinion on this issue has been quite simple: one criminal does not justify indicting an entire nation.

Therefore, if, in fact, the evidence was not as compelling as presented and if, in fact, Mr. Iknadosian is innocent of the charges brought against him, then I would like to apologize for my role in slandering his good name.

Now, with that said, I am wondering if the Brady Campaign and their devoted followers will also take the time and make the effort to retract their often vicious accusations against Mr. Iknadosian and by extension every gun shop and gun show in the border region?

I'll be honest. Something tells me they lack both the courage and the moral fiber to acknowledge their mistakes and accept responsibility for the damage they've caused.

March 16, 2009

Some journalists do report accurately!

Not long ago the LA Times, following along with everyone else, blamed the U.S. "gun culture" and "gun show loophole" for the massive influx of military grade weapons into the hands of Mexican gangs. A couple days ago, they changed their tune:

An article from March 15th, "Mexico's Drug War", has this to say:

Most of these weapons are being smuggled from Central American countries or by sea, eluding U.S. and Mexican monitors who are focused on the smuggling of semi-automatic and conventional weapons purchased from dealers in the U.S. border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Everything, of course, has a context. A March 14th article at the Wall Street Journal Online, "Napolitano Targets Border Violence", had this to say:

Ms. Napolitano indicated there would be more so-called outbound enforcement: checking people and vehicles leaving the U.S. to see if they are carrying contraband.

I know Ms. Napolitano hasn't been in office very long, but she needs to stop speculating about the influence of the American civilian gun market. After all, the L.A. Times article linked above also reports:

These groups appear to be taking advantage of a robust global black market and porous borders, especially between Mexico and Guatemala. Some of the weapons are left over from the wars that the United States helped fight in Central America, U.S. officials said.

If the problem is the porous Guatemala/Mexico border, how is focusing on the U.S./Mexico border going to accomplish anything?

Let me add one last thought. Despite the LA Times article linked above, the vast majority of news media around the world are still blaming the violence on the "American gun culture". The two shootings in Alabama and Germany have done their part by adding fuel to the commonly held delusion of, "a world without guns would be a peaceful world." If the media does not change, and change now, then there will be no one to hold the politicians accountable for their actions. If the politicians are not forced to deal in facts, then this,

Global Analyst Affirms Russan Prediction of Civil War in America

will soon be reality.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world:

Michigan Police Shoot Unarmed Drug Suspect

I have no respect for anyone who feeds violence in Mexico, Columbia, and elsewhere by purchasing and using illegal drugs. No respect at all. However, they are people like anyone else and as long as they are not engaged in violent activity themselves, there is no reason for law enforcement to bust down their doors with guns blazing.

It's interesting that the LA Times also reported An Elderly Man Gunned Down by Police in Louisiana. Residents report they watched the police locate the man's pistol inside the house, bring it outside and place it next to his body before calling in forensics. The Homer Police Chief mistakenly seems to think he runs the town rather than works for it because he had this to say:

"If I see three or four young black men walking down the street, I have to stop them and check their names," said Mills, who is white. "I want them to be afraid every time they see the police that they might get arrested.

Halfway around the world, the UK Telegraph reports that when it comes to climate change Nobody Listens to the Scientists!

And since fighting to defend the Second Amendment has been my main theme lately, I should mention that Some People Believe Obama Has Bypassed Everyone and gone straight to the source by Ordering the DoD to Destroy Used Brass instead of selling it to reloaders.

And now, as midnight rapidly approaches, let me close with a video.

I sit here, thousands of miles of open ocean between me and my homeland, and I am screaming for the country of my birth to wake up and take charge of their government. I cannot believe the apathy, the devotion to meaningless reality television, the sheer idiocy of 60% of the adult population not even bothering to vote.

Well, here is someone who feels the same way I do:

Late breaking update (March 18, 2009):

According to Sipsey Street Irrregulars, the DoD Brass Destruction Policy Has Been Reversed. The quick turnaround was brought about by a massive grassroots campaign coupled with the efforts of two hardworking Senators from Montana after being notified about the policy by Gary Marbut of Montana Shooting Sports Association. (A .pdf file of the Senator's letter is available online.)

Why us?

For six months now I've been working hard to get accepted to a graduate school or graduate level seminary, all to no avail. And then today I see the report above on CNN.

Since when is America responsible for educating the world? How many schools have refused me in order to make room for someone from China?

Why are American schools, politicians, bankers, and businesspeople in love with the rest of the world while treating their fellow Americans like unwanted and unloved stepchildren?

Take care of your own citizens first! If you love the rest of the world so much, take your fancy bank account and Marxist education system over there and make room in America for someone willing to work locally.

We are not responsible for the rest of the world!

We have a hard enough time taking care of our own!

March 13, 2009

They kill because YOU leave them no choice

We'll Never Know Why They Kill, by Bob Greene
Loners, Losers, -- and Killers, by James Alan Fox
Culture and Crime, by me!

In the article above, James Alan Fox has this to say:

First, the perpetrators tend to have experienced a long history of frustration and failure, resulting in a diminished ability to cope with life's disappointments. Second, they typically externalize blame, frequently complaining that others didn't give them a decent chance. Without this, their destructiveness would instead be directed inward.

In addition, these killers generally lack emotional support from friends or family. They are loners as well as losers. Lacking this support system and reality check, they come to perceive some precipitating event as being absolutely catastrophic.

I recently completed the application procedure for Ashland Theological Seminary. I am 47 years old and my life has been about as far from "normal" as one can get and still stay out of jail. When I was nineteen I was living in Denver, Colorado and attending Denver Automotive and Diesel College. As fate would have it, for about eight months of my stay in Denver I wound up living three blocks from the most profitable prostitution strip in the entire city, the corner of Colfax and Broadway. One of the girls lived in my apartment building, just two doors down from me.

Let me say this as clearly and plainly as I can, I have never paid for sex and I never will! When push comes to shove, I'm paranoid. Sex with prostitutes, even when using a condom, ranks right up there with being in the first rifle squad on the beach on D-Day or in the lead platoon charging up San Juan hill. There are too many really nasty STDs floating around and some of them treat the "impenetrable" surface of a Trojan condom like a Sunday picnic.

Nonetheless, those women were (and still are!) real people with real needs, both material and spiritual. Since I lived down the hall from one, and had to walk past her every time I went to dinner at the local Whitespot restaurant, she knew me on sight and sometimes we would exchange pleasantries. It went beyond small-talk the first time she asked to borrow some ordinary commodity, I don't remember just what, probably butter or sugar or something like that. (She was overly fond of hashish enhanced brownies; and no, I never tried one.) A few hours later she brought a bleeding friend to my door and asked me to drive them to the county hospital, so I did. That led to me becoming more and more involved with she and her friends until it seemed like every other day I was driving them to the hospital, picking them up when a john abandoned them halfway across town, cooking for them when they were sick, and countless other mundane tasks that made their lives just a tiny bit easier. Naturally, I also spent time reading the Bible to them and talking to them about Jesus, but the foundation of my relationship with the "girls of Broadway" was ministering to more worldly needs than spiritual ones.

I never received a single penny in compensation, and my "ministry" was never officially recognized by any local church. Not even when I went around to several churches begging for blankets and winter coats. All in all it was not the kind of thing you write home about, but it was a very real part of my life.

So one of the things I have to do to apply for Ashland is write an essay about a "ministry" I have been directly involved in. Naive and trusting as I am, I wrote about the girls of Broadway. They also asked me to write an essay about "the darkest moment of your life and how Christ helped you through it", so I wrote about the time I saved another street girl (not a prostitute, just a girl who needed help) from a potential rapist and in the ensuing struggle, the rapist wound up dead.

I suppose, on one level, my youth is the stuff Hollywood movies are made of. I promise you this, there was nothing glamorous about it. I did what I had to do to meet the needs of people who were suffering. Nothing more.

Ashland Theological Seminary seems to have been unimpressed. They wrote me back saying, "we are unable to meet your needs at this time." Now just what the blazes is that supposed to mean? My wife thinks I was too honest in my essays and it threw the admissions committee for a loop. The more I think on it, and the more Ashland refuses to explain themselves realistically, the more I think she might be right.

What do the girls of Broadway have to do with the mass killings that have filled the headlines with such shocking regularity over the past few years? It's simple really, I could easily be one of those mass murderers! The real question is not, "Why do they go on killing sprees?" No, the real question is, "What stops me from doing the same?"

Those two men, one in Germany and one in Alabama, were victims of a society that has become brutally competitive. I'm a firm believer in hard work, but far too often hard work in today's world produces no reward whatsoever. The Alabama killer wanted to be a Marine. When that didn't work out, he tried to be a cop. Here was a man heart-set on helping people and defending the principles that have made our nation great but he was rejected at every turn. Someone, somewhere probably labeled him "emotionally unstable" on the basis of a pointless paper test with hundreds upon hundreds of contradictory questions that somehow magically produce a number which, when compared to a scale, determines how sane you are. Or maybe he was just too sullen for the slap-happy, narcotically deluded optimists who always seem to wind up in leadership positions in both the military and law enforcement. If the leaders are not slap-happy, they are often dark, sullen men in their own right who manage to keep their own insanity in check just long enough to become heroes. Neither group would be fond of a "loser and a loner" who found his way into their midst.

Now, of course, lots of you will comment that "obviously" the evaluators where right! After all, "just look what he wound up doing!"

That attitude will not help the next Harris, Klebold, Cho, McLendon, or Kretschmer make the leap from "distraught beyond recovery" to "madly sailing along without actually hurting anyone".

Continual rejection by "normal" people only insures that the rejected will eventually reach the point of lashing out. There are two reasons why I wound up different: my time in the military and my faith in Christ.

While I was in the military I had the misfortune to fall under the command of a Colonel named Texiera. He was old-school as old-school can get and believed every soldier was first and foremost a grunt. Those of us with additional training and responsibilities might be talented grunts, but we were still just grunts. Forced road marches, weekly visits to the rifle range, exposure to our enemy's weapons of choice every 180 days, and twice monthly infantry drills (sometimes bayonet practice, sometimes squad-level tactics, etc.). First and foremost we were soldiers and he saw to it that we learned what it meant to be a soldier.

When he first took over this did not set well with me at all. After enduring our grumbling for a few months, he gathered up me and half a dozen other stubborn rejectors of his "infantryman first" doctrine and set us on a ten-mile forced march in full bio-gear with fully loaded packs. We even had to wear our gas masks the entire time. Have you ever tried to jog ten miles in a gas mask? Let alone while wearing clothes specifically designed to insulate against every known biological, chemical, and radiological hazard a person is likely to encounter on a modern battlefield. Oh, and don't forget the backpack. Since I was a Forward Observer, I got to carry the radio, giving me about 15 pounds of extra burden above and beyond what everyone else was carrying. Oh, did I mention this was in Hawaii in July?

And, least I forget, we had an MP escort to guide traffic around us.

On mile five I collapsed and refused to get back up again. This was beyond inhumane and I was not going to stand for it. He called over the MP and the MP read for me line for line from the regulations why this "punishment" was not only "humane", it was well within Army training guidelines. Colonel Texiera made it very simple, I could complete the march or be escorted to jail. My choice.

I completed the march. Not only did I complete it, I completed it five or ten steps ahead of everyone else.

After that Col. "T" sort of adopted me. He would beam with pleasure every time he saw me. (Also worth mentioning, a few months later my wife called him directly to demand to know why we had to work on a Sunday he had promised the wives and families would be an off-day. He gave the whole battalion two days off the following week. Then he called her and asked her if that was satisfactory.)

What separates me from those who kill? When I was down as low as I could go, someone gave me a simple choice. By giving me the choice, by putting the power of my future directly into my hands, they taught me that no matter how bad it got, I was always in charge of my life. No one took the time to help Harris, Klebold, Cho, McLendon, Kretschmer, or any of the other mass murders we have seen. No one stepped back and let them choose the direction their life would go. They were never given the choice to become something other than "losers and loners". Instead, they were continually marginalized, rejected, ridiculed, humiliated, and cast aside. If they complained about their ill-treatment, everyone around them said, "Get over it, already!"

Well, they got over it the only way they could, by killing themselves and carrying an honor guard to hell right alongside them!

Their actions are reprehensible. Absolutely. But those actions are not impossible to understand. We create these monsters by continuously ridiculing them and "keeping them in their place". No one ever takes the time to say, "Look, you can lay there in your self-pity or you can get back on your feet and try again. If you try again, I'll help you to the best of my ability, but as long as you lay there, there's nothing I can do."

And when they climb back up to their feet, help them! Take the time to encourage them without patronizing them. Patronizing someone, which means talking down to them because you know they are beneath you, is even worse than outright rejection. Don't reject them. Don't patronize them. Remind them that their life is the product of their choices. Then respect whatever choice they make, even if you don't agree with it.

The best way to prevent mass killings is to help people get back on their feet instead of putting your knee on their back and telling them they deserve to lie in the dirt. The more you lean on them, the angrier they will become, until finally one day they bring the fight to you in a way you never expected a "loser" to achieve.

March 12, 2009

Let'em fail

Treasury Seeks Billions More in International Relief Funds

As long as this, "American Charities Flooded with Help Requests," remains true, I'm more than willing to let the rest of the world burn while we clean up the mess at home.

And about that mess, "We Really Need to Prosecute Everyone Who Caused It". If destroying the economy of the entire world is not cruel and heartless enough to earn the death penalty, what is?

And yes, "Even If It Means Impeaching and Executing the Sitting President," assuming he's guilty. If he's not guilty, then let him show some backbone. Instead of asking for more handouts he needs to be demanding the investigation and prosecution of everyone involved. If you need a list of suspects, "I'm Sure Karl Denninger Will Happily Supply One". I doubt even his list would be complete, but it would provide a starting point.

And another thing, "Why Are The Facts of Obama's Corrupt Friends Just Now Coming Out?"

What happened to investigative journalism? Doesn't anyone in the media double-check their facts anymore? Do any of them even know how to recognize the difference between fact and fiction? Why has the American media used it's First Amendment protections to write propaganda?

So, yeah, let'em burn! The time has come to take back our country. One way or another!


And not ten minutes after finishing my rant, I find fuel for another one (From a link at "War On Guns"):

Lew Rockwell & the Definition of Martial Law

Things have gotten way out of hand if a person can be arrested just for arguing with a police officer when the police officer is clearly in the wrong. Along the same lines, why do police departments "need M113 Armored Personnel Carriers"?

And please, let's not pretend this hasn't happened recently: "California is a Lost Cause. Who's next?"

And John "Swiftboat" Kerry, who obviously learned nothing from his Vietnam hypocrisy, is now pushing to have the Senate ratify a treaty that hands over control of our coasts and navigable inland waterways (like the Mississippi River!) to the United Nations!

"LOST Treaty Backed by Kerry"

Do we really want Chinese gun boats sailing up the Mississippi and resupplying at Cairo?

Last but not least, according to the Missouri Information Analysis Center, "Political Opposition to the President is Terrorism."

One million terrorists?

Terrorist Watch List Hits 1 million

Paulson may have made millions from inside information

Two different news sites, but on the same day. The connection? Ask yourself this, "Why would the government allow Paulson to continue running his hedge fund while he controls the American economy, and by extension, the world economy?"

Are all those people really terrorists, or are they just people asking questions the government is not inclined to answer?

Meanwhile, most of the world is fascinated with shootings in Germany and Alabama.

Is the pace picking up or has the past forty-eight hours been an anomalous outlier?

March 09, 2009

California is a lost cause. Who's next?

Update on Phil Dominguez at
LA Times Supports Legalization of Marijuana

My heart is broken, shattered completely. I grew up in the State of California, but it is no longer the place I once loved. Any state that punishes a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen for engaging in a legal hobby while simultaneously taking a serious look at legalizing criminal activity that has claimed over 6000 lives in N. Mexico has gone too far over the edge to be redeemed.

Californians, do you really want to know why you have a $42 billion dollar deficit, a deficit larger than any country in the world with equivalent industrial output? It's because your voters no longer have any grasp on reality. The majority of people in the state are either narcissistic elitists who believe a college degree and fancy title makes them superior to the average person or they are drugged out, worthless pieces of trash who think nothing of spending every penny that comes their way on any number of "recreational" narcotics.

What has happened to California? Are there no realists left in the entire state? Why are the citizens not marching on the Capitol building in protest? Where are the genuine scholars writing passionate editorials in defense of real-world values? Has the entire state sold itself into United Nations-backed globalist slavery to their "elected officials"? Where is the outrage at the hypocrisy and prejudice that prosecutes an innocent man like Phil Dominguez while supporting industries and commercial farms that hire illegal aliens in order to justify paying substandard wages? How can you people sit idly by while Phil Dominguez goes to jail and the legislature legalizes an obnoxious imported botanical pest whose only redeeming quality is its mildly narcotic effect?

Where is the outrage at Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens who is right on the verge of transforming thousands of law-abiding citizens into felons simply because they took the time and went to the trouble to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon? Not only is she taking away their right of self-defense, she is releasing convicted criminals back onto the streets without bothering to review their crimes! This is the epitome of arrogance and elitism! Why does she believe her degree and title give her the right to take such steps? Who does she work for, the tax-paying citizens or the criminals?

I am sickened by what I see happening. Completely sickened. There is simply no excuse for this kind of abuse of position and power to be taking place in the United States of America. This is the kind of strong-arm police state tactics and corruption of government I would expect to find in Austria during the days of the U.S.S.R.

Oh, wait... That's right. Your love of Hollywood led you to elect a governor born in Austria during the communist regime.

Time to march on Sacramento, people. The time has come to demand that Arnold demonstrate once and for all his "Terminator" reputation by removing Sandra Hutchens, dismissing the case against Phil Dominguez, and promising straight up to veto any attempt to legalize marijuana. Paint your placards, organize a protest, and if he does not listen, demand his impeachment and immediate removal.

It's your state! Are you going to take it back or let it slide irretrievably into a socialist dictatorship run by elitists, drug addicts, and gender-confused adults who do not understand the difference between love and lust?

Are there really no sane people left in the Golden State? It is truly a sad day in history if there are not.

For those of us who still remember

Explanation for a Resolution on State's Rights

For the second time in my blogger career, I'm going to copy and paste a copyright protected article here. The reason I am doing this is because I believe the enemies of freedom are not stupid. One day they will start locating and isolating the leaders of the Bill of Rights advocacy movement that is now sweeping America. When they do, one of the sites they will eliminate is the one linked above. This article was originally posted at Norfolk County League of Sportsmen's Clubs and belongs wholly and completely to the original writer. Comments and responses need to be directed to the original writer at the original location. I first learned of it through The War on Guns blog.

Here is the text of the article:

--------------------(Article Begins Here)--------------------
A Resolution Affirming States’ Rights Based on Jeffersonian Principals.
Sunday, March 08, 2009

Let me clarify things a bit on why I’m doing this.

I have no illusions that this will pass even the House, let alone the Senate. It took 30 days for House Council to finally understand it. Judging from the way the resolution was submitted to the House Clerk, I don’t even think my own Rep. sponsored it. That means its "Dead on Arrival". None of this is at all unexpected.

“It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men.”
- Samuel Adams

Both our Federal and State Government(s), and those that run for office and are "elected" (by the Union lock in this State) and by the voting majority who are on the Federal dole, do not represent us.

These “elected officials” (not Public Servants) are either patently ignorant of our Constitution or simply intellectually dishonest and chose to subvert and destroy it. Obama for example was a Constitutional Lawyer. He knows too well what the Constitution says and also said the document was “imperfect”. He’s going to use every loophole, every tactic, and every ounce of power to subvert it without those attacks being full on assaults.

Most of them are gutless wonders, who do not remember that Government exists only to protect the rights of the people, while they work feverously to destroy and enslave them.

They will not work to restore our Nation or our State to its prior greatness for the reasons that it’s too hard and politically toxic to do so. They’re more afraid of the riots that would break out if they started pulling the Government programs away than they are of us – the law-abiding citizens of Massachusetts.

Resolutions like this one, tell them something. It tells them that:

1. We oppose what they are doing to us
2. A resistance to what they are doing is alive and well
3. Forces them to remember their Constitutional roots and duty
4. Reminds them that the Constitution is still the law of the land

It’s our duty to work within the system of our government to reverse this ugliness, until such a tipping point occurs that it becomes impossible for us to do so.

That tipping point is coming at us more quickly than I would have imagined with the existing Congress and the Obama Administration. Every Administration since 1933 has had a hand in this.

You see, when more than 51% of the people vote to take their complete sustenance and existence from the other 49%, and claim this is their “right”, that they are “entitled”, this is pure tyranny. No less tyranny than King George III. To suggest that we have a duty to obey a law, when the law is unconstitutional, is silliness. (Read: Massachusetts Healthcare Reform or Universal Healthcare.)

Now we have this article from the Wall Street Journal where:

“New and expanded refundable tax credits would raise the fraction of taxpayers paying no income taxes to almost 50% from 38%. This is potentially the most pernicious feature of the president's budget, because it would cement a permanent voting majority with no stake in controlling the cost of general government.”

This is exactly what I am talking about. According to this, if Obama and Congress pass this next budget, America will now have reached that tipping point.

This would be an historic and insanely sad day. Even if you don’t agree with the numbers, the trend is undeniable. A couple of points though. These policies have yet to be passed by Congress, so we’ve not reached these numbers yet and there's still time to work within the system to stop this from happening.

“A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”
- Thomas Jefferson

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"
- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

I love my Country and I love my home State of Massachusetts, but I love our Constitution even more. We must defend it. This House Resolution gives Massachusetts - "that defense", a way out of this mess solidly based upon our Founding Fathers words and actions, should it come to that.
--------------------(Article Ends Here)--------------------

As many people have already recognized, our country has entered a time of great peril. The same people who drove the "flower power" movement of the Vietnam War era are now in charge of our country. When they were teenagers they held nothing but contempt for the traditions and sacrifices of our forefathers and they still feel the same way.

Don't misunderstand me. I don't blame Barack Obama specifically, nor do I blame his corrupt and unreliable staff. The article above blames FDR, but I personally feel the problem began with John F. Kennedy; the darling of an entire generation who was revered as a saint even as he took our world to the brink of nuclear war in order to gratify his own sense of self-importance. Ever since Kennedy's assassination the government has used one crisis after another to erode freedoms and liberties they were elected into office to protect. The worst, in my opinion, was Bush's abusive and misnamed "Patriot Act".

If Barack Obama really believed in the freedoms he was elected to preserve and restore, his first action would have been repealing the Patriot Act. Instead, he proffered and forced through a stimulus package my grandchildren will still be paying for. He speaks highly of health care reform, but he appointed one of the leading health care industry lobbyists as "health care czar", an unconstitutional position that answers to no one but the president and is not accountable to any check or balance written into our Constitution.

I don't know, and in all honesty, I don't care if the stimulus package is what America really needs. The one thing I do know, and the only thing that does matter, is that the central government has now proven it will not listen to the people of our great country. We the people are the sovereign power in the United States of America. Our elected officials have forgotten that this is our country and it is our sovereign right to run this country into ruin if we so choose! When we demanded that Bush's stimulus bill be blocked, Congress passed it anyway. When we demanded that Obama's stimulus bill be blocked, Congress passed it anyway. There is no excuse for the central government's flat refusal to honor the will of the people.

Where does it stop? At what point will the central government cease and desist from its illegal, immoral, and unauthorized curtailment of our freedoms and liberties? What is next? There can only be one conclusion to this consistent circumvention of the people's stated will: complete and total tyranny! The question is no longer "if" the government will announce the Constitution is no longer valid, because they are already ignoring it! The only question remaining is when they will take the final step and declare themselves permanently in charge and no longer subject to any power higher their own!

Have we been lied to about food safety?

According to Lisa Cohen-Cole at, we have been repeatedly lied to by both the American government and the largest, most influential international agribusiness conglomerates. In her latest attack on Monsanto and others she specifically accuses Michael Taylor of being an agribusiness puppet with a career that spans numerous rotations between government service and private employment at Monsanto. This much is certain, if Monsanto is happy enough with him to keep rehiring him, then we definitely have a case for a serious conflict of interest.

Her specific targets are H.R. 875, H.R. 814, H.R. 759, and S.425. In an earlier piece at, she makes a very good case that these and other regulations have a single, hidden purpose: the replacement of all small-scale family farms with gigantic multinational agribusiness conglomerates. I am inclined to agree with her, even though I do not have her background in researching this subject. One point that settled the debate in my own mind was the title of H.R. 759, "The FDA Globalization Act".

Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate the text of S.R. 425 online. If it relates to the others, then Based on these resolutions, I have to conclude that it is safe to assume her point has gone way beyond a wild conspiracy theory and into the realm of "hidden agenda intended to enrich those who already have more money than they can spend."

We in the Second Amendment Advocacy world need to start forming alliances with people like Lisa Cohen-Cole and the Slow Food Initiative. Although some of us in the Second Amendment movement are allied with American gunmakers like Colt and Remington, we need to recognize that the growing drive toward globalization is not being conducted in a way that will benefit anyone who believes in freedom. All international conglomerates, whether the automotive firm of GM or the agribusiness of Monsanto, are driven by one and only one ideology, making money for their stockholders. They are unconcerned with the destruction of family farms, the ruination of prime hunting grounds, the polluting of natural fish runs, or even the health of the consumers they depend on for revenue.

A tyrant, by definition, has no concern for the people he rules. International conglomerates of all stripes and styles have become economic tyrants bound and determined to remove any legal freedoms or protections for consumers that would inhibit their ability to enrich their stockholders. It is a point of great confusion for me, and an irony that no one in corporate management seems to recognize, that many of the people whose lives they regularly destroy by creating a regulatory system favoring massive business over small business are in fact, stockholders in the very companies that are destroying them.

Some of you out there hold voting shares in the very companies you must oppose if you are to preserve the freedoms you enjoy so that your children and grandchildren will also be able to enjoy them. How many of you sign off on the annual and semi-annual proxy the corporation sends you without ever looking at the damage your vote is used to justify? If we are to preserve our nation as the last stronghold of freedom and liberty, then we must become intimately familiar with every vote we have the ability to cast. Don't just blindly sign off on that proxy statement. Find out what the corporation is doing.

I have a friend who worked for Chrysler Motor Company. He used part of his salary every month to buy stock in the company. Every year his portion of the company expanded, and every year he signed off on the proxy statements they sent him. One day they shut down the factory where he worked and moved the entire operation to Mexico. My friend was deeply confused. He couldn't understand why they suddenly moved to Mexico. A few weeks later President Bush expanded NAFTA and laid the foundation for the North American Union without consulting either Congress or the American people. By that time, my friend had begun digging back through the annual and semi-annual reports Chrysler had been sending them. He found the first mention of the possible closing of the plant where he worked in a three year old annual report, right alongside the first mention that NAFTA could be expanded to cover transportation from the southern most limits of Mexico to the northern reaches of Canada. Every year for three years his proxy had been used to justify a vote in favor of closing the factory where he worked and move the operation to a plant in Mexico in order to take advantage of the new amendments to NAFTA.

He had voted himself out of a job without ever realizing what he was doing.

March 08, 2009

In Illinois, churches are "gun-free" zones

Which, of course, makes it really easy for someone to walk through the door and open fire.

Story is here: Church Pastor Killed During Service

I'll add more links as the story unfolds. Once the dust settles, I'll add my thoughts on the end.


Nothing new to report, sadly. I suppose it will take several days for the police to wrap up their investigation. I wish I could be confident CNN will report the results, but I'm pretty certain this is the last we will hear of it. I guess a dead pastor doesn't generated the same kind of headlines as a male pop singer who beats his pop singer girlfriend in public.

Same story at MSNBC

March 10, 2009
Suspect Charged in Pastor's Death

March 12, 2009
Attorney Enters "Not Guilty" Plea for Shooter

NWO Justice at it's finest

Wikipedia article about the attack in the video

Canada has long been a model nation for the liberal future many people would like to see. The United Nations regularly applauds their humanitarian courts and rigorous legal defense teams as well as the precise, scientific focus of criminal prosecution cases. However, what that means in the real world is that the criminals often go free. Those who don't are treated in mental health hospitals and released once the staff feels they've recovered. Yes, that also means there are frequent repeat offenders who cycle in and out through the mental health side of the criminal system, stacking up body counts along the way.

This kind of compassion for the criminally minded is also behind the stiff resistance to allowing people to defend themselves with firearms. One of the reasons that every single concealed carry permit law in America has been passed only after long, vicious debates between Second Amendment believers and those who prefer to leave self-defense in the hands of government is that far too many Americans still have more sympathy for the criminals than they do for the victims.

You see, your neighbors don't trust you. Therefore, if you kill a burglar, rapist, mugger, armed robber, or drug-crazed sadist looking for a random victim, their first assumption is that the criminal you've killed is the innocent party. These people believe the grieved mother of a dead rapist over the testimony of the woman who killed her attacker. They blame the rape victim for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, insisting the victim somehow magically drove her son into such a sexual frenzy he could not control himself.

There is no conspiracy to bring about a New World Order. There are, however, millions of delusional people who believe they can bring utopia here on earth if only they can brainwash the rest of us into being clones of themselves. Even worse, there are tens of thousands of superrich who believe they and they alone have the education, the experience, the compassion, and the wisdom to discern right from wrong.

New World Order justice, favoring the rights of criminals over the rights of the victims, has been with us ever since the fabled and failed "Summer of Love" in 1968. Being victims themselves, the survivors of the drug-induced halcyon daydream decade that followed are now in premier places of government at all levels of society. What they can never perceive is that their lives during that decade were not marked by love at all. No, the culture of self-indulgence they so fondly remember was actually a time of rich kids starving to death in inner city alleyways, stealing from one another's trust funds to support their addictions, and fleeing law enforcement after breaking into jewelry stores and neighbor's homes in order to drape themselves in luxury they neither earned nor deserved.

Is it any wonder that the current generation of political leadership has such compassion for criminals? Most of them are criminals themselves! When they hear that the Second Amendment means every individual they stole from, assaulted, raped, or otherwise abused had the perfect right to kill them but failed to exercise it, they cannot help but fear what will happen when their children copy their parents predilection for spending their days wrapped in a narcotic haze and their nights committing felonies in order to earn enough to feed their addictions.

New World Order Justice a la the Canadian Criminal Justice System, coming soon to a courthouse near you!

Yes, my fellow Americans, I'd definitely suggest cleaning and loading all those millions of guns you've bought up in the past three months.

Something tells me you're going to need them, and soon!


If you're in the mood to learn more about how the criminal mind works, here are some suggestions:

Culture and Crime, my response to the Virginia Tech Massacre
CNN Analysis of Cho Seung-Hui, the Virginia Tech shooter
Inside a Mass Murder's Mind, Time analysis of Cho Seung-Hui
The Making of a Mumbai Terrorist, Time analysis of the lone surviving Mumbai gunman
Echoes of Mumbai, Time analysis of the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team

March 07, 2009

Why do I support the Second Amendment?

Here, let these folks in South Africa explain it for me:

The United Nations is not concerned with your personal safety. The UN is solely concerned with preserving and expanding their control over the rest of us. It is time for the United States once again to withdraw funding for the United Nations and order them out of our country. There cannot be a peaceful world under the oversight of the UN because the UN is not concerned with peace. They are solely concerned with control.

If the UN has their way, one day soon you will live next door to a terrorist and thank them for the privilege.

March 04, 2009

A Deadly, Persistent Swarm of Gnats

A few years ago one of the guys I played Magic: the Gathering with on Wednesday nights came to a game night bubbling over with enthusiasm for a new shareware game he'd found. It was called, "Swarm Assault", and in the game the player controls swarms of various insects and uses them to capture terrain. What I didn't know until a few months ago was that global guerrilla and terrorist groups had already begun experimenting with swarming style attack formations for possible use in urban warfare. At about the same time my friend discovered the game about insects, John Robb was posting "Global Guerillas and Swarming" on his blog. Note the date of that entry: May 18, 2004

Rand, an international strategy and tactics think-tank, had published an entire book on the concept of swarm attacks in 2003. Their book, Swarming on the Battlefield, was apparently ignored by most people in the defense industry. After all, the western defense industry is driven by huge, expensive, multi-billion dollar government contracts for highly sophisticated battlefield technology like M1 Abrams tanks and F-109 Stealth Fighters. As reported in Jane's, the Abrams tank showed 'vulnerabilities' during the Iraq war. Although none of them were destroyed in tank-to-tank combat or by anti-tank missile fire, there is one paragraph that seems a bit foreboding:

Most M1 losses were attributed in the report to mechanical breakdown, or vehicles being stripped for parts or vandalised by Iraqis. There were "no reported cases" of an anti-tank guided missile being fired at any US Army vehicle.

"Vandalised by Iraqis"? Odd, because once the initial fighting settled down, several images of destroyed M1 Abrams tanks began to appear online, even though none of these were shown or mentioned in official news reports. So if they were not destroyed by anti-tank missiles or other tanks, how did the Iraqi infantry succeed in destroying them? Over at, there is an article about the Battle for Baghdad. It opens with this:

It began on Friday morning, when an American M1 Abrams tank was destroyed by an Iraqi missile in an ambush. For several hours, street-to-street fighting raged, with as much horror and confusion as the Pentagon's war planners had imagined.

Wait a minute, didn't Jane's report that none of them were destroyed by missiles? After spending millions of dollars per tank, how is it that the vehicle is so vulnerable to simple infantry? Simple, tanks have always had such vulnerabilities. You see, the men inside have to eat, they have to drink, they have to breath, they have to leave the tank to defecate and urinate. Although sleeping in their seats is possible, it's not comfortable and leaves them still feeling exhausted. If infantry can stop a multi-million dollar armored behemoth by leading it into a tank trap of some kind (a big, muddy ditch being the easiest), then it is only a matter of time before the crew have to leave, allowing the infantry to move in and drop a couple cheap hand grenades inside, destroying the tank.

Tankers who work in M1 Abrams have no fear of other tanks. The only people with anti-tank rounds capable of penetrating their armor are the French and the Israelis. Infantry, however, give them the heebie-jeebies!

The most recent use of a swarm-style assault formation by modern terrorists was the November attack on Mumbai. Last month, John Robb was back with an analysis of the Mumbai Swarm Attack in response to an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times, "The Coming Swarm". Unfortunately, what this really means is that the world at large is learning for the first time the lessons learned in Israel following Black September.

In the weeks and months following the expulsion of Yassar Arafat's PLO and Fatah organizations from Jordan into Lebanon, Israel found itself under siege. Almost daily there were reports of small groups of Palestinian fighters, usually five or fewer, coming into Israeli cities and slaughtering civilians in their sleep, in shopping malls, in coffee shops, and in clubs. A "Timeline" article at highlights just a few of the most infamous, including the 1974 Ma'alot Massacre. Unsurprisingly, in 2004 a group of Chechen terrorists used similar tactics against a school in Beslan.

And that brings us to the present. As everyone knows, six security people and one driver died a few days ago in an attack on the Sri Lanka soccer cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan. (CNN initial report is here, current report is here). There is one huge difference between the recent attack in Lahore and all the others. This time the terrorists fled and as far as anyone knows, all of them survived!

Not a single commentator or analyst has picked up on this critically important detail. This was not a suicide attack. The twelve terrorists executed a superb withdrawal from the engagement, fled to a nearby alley where motorcycles had been secreted for them, and rode out of town. This lesson, that an attack can be carried out without sacrificing the participants, will not go unnoticed in the camps around the world. I am convinced that this marks a critical, albeit unrecognized, turning point in the battle for the future of our planet. If those who are fighting to convert the world into an Islamic theocracy have learned the value of living to fight another day, then instead of constantly replacing their troops, they can begin expanding them.

Sometime in the near future, in either Europe or the United States, there will be a multi-city attack featuring groups of twelve to fifteen terrorists in multiple locations taking out as many civilians as possible in a concentrated area such as a shopping mall, train station, or business district. I doubt they will start with schools, but they might, especially since by federal law all school zones are now gun-free areas! Either way, they will swarm in, take out as many targets as possible, and then they will flee. Depending on how the world responds, more attacks will follow within a few weeks or months.

The global war against fascism has just reached a turning point. By year's end, these kind of attacks will be commonplace and governments around the world will be struggling with two global crisis, the downward spiraling economy and the upward spiraling swarm attacks against unarmed populations.

Is it any wonder that unknown forces have simultaneously managed to get total or limited gun bans passed in Canada, Australia, and England, all within the past ten years? If these attacks take place in one of those three countries than we will know, without a shadow of a doubt, that our governments are fully and completely in bed with the worst enemies in the history of our world. If the attacks take place in the United States, there will be a huge media push to pass a similar gun ban in Congress but this must be avoided at all costs.

There are only two ways to counter an enemy specializing in massive swarm attacks: an armed populace or a total police state. Of the two, the only model history has ever presented is the police state and every single police state has become a despotic and total dictatorship within a decade of its establishment. Every single one.

The only hope we have to overcome the new enemy will be an armed, trained populace. If every adult carries a weapon they are proficient using, then the swarm-style assault will be negated the moment it begins. If the only people with guns are police and security, then the terrorists will simply remove the armed guards before they begin slaughtering the innocents.

This is the lesson of history that no one seems to be talking about. A vicious, anarchist-style, everywhere at once enemy is about to appear among us and the only realistic way we have to both counter the enemy and preserve our freedoms is for every able-bodied adult among us to master firearms and carry them.

Hell on earth is about to break loose. Will you be armed and ready or will you be a victim? This is the choice we each have to make, and make soon. I don't see any other possible future, and yes, it scares me half to death.