March 20, 2009

Case Dismissed

Case Against Iknadosian Dismissed

Everyone remembers Mr. Iknadosian, right? Formerly a citizen of Egypt, he migrated to the United States some time ago and opened a gun shop in California. When California's insane gun laws became too much to bother with, he moved his business to Phoenix, Arizona. The ATF alleges that he intentionally and with full understanding of his actions sold almost 700 AK-47s to straw buyers who later delivered those weapons to the Sinaola Mexican drug cartel and other unsavory characters.

For the past three months every anti-gun group in existence has pointed to this case as proof positive that the main source of arms for the Mexican cartels is American gun shops and gun shows. Unfortunately, it now appears that there was NO evidence of Mr. Iknadosian's guilt.

I'll be honest. Having read a variety of reports about this case, the evidence directly quoted in those reports did indeed indicate that Mr. Iknadosian was selling to people he knew were straw buyers. My own opinion on this issue has been quite simple: one criminal does not justify indicting an entire nation.

Therefore, if, in fact, the evidence was not as compelling as presented and if, in fact, Mr. Iknadosian is innocent of the charges brought against him, then I would like to apologize for my role in slandering his good name.

Now, with that said, I am wondering if the Brady Campaign and their devoted followers will also take the time and make the effort to retract their often vicious accusations against Mr. Iknadosian and by extension every gun shop and gun show in the border region?

I'll be honest. Something tells me they lack both the courage and the moral fiber to acknowledge their mistakes and accept responsibility for the damage they've caused.