March 03, 2009

Echoes of 1972

In 1972 I was eleven years old. The Munich Olympics were supposed to be Germany's chance to prove to the modern world that their Nazi past was fully and completely behind them. Yassar Arafat and his Fatah organization decided that instead of a new dawn of international cooperation the Munich Olympics would herald the beginning of an international war on the Jewish nation and its Western supporters. The Munich Massacre became the Palestinian version of Concorde's "shot heard around the world" with one important difference: American revolutionaries in 1775 targeted British Soldiers while PLO revolutionaries in 1972 targeted unarmed athletes!

"Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana wrote that in a book called "The Life of Reason", first published in 1905. I first heard this quote at school a few days after the attack on the Jewish Olympic team. Now, over a century after it was first published, we still have not learned the lessons of the past.

So when I turned on CNN and the first thing I saw was a video of a gunman running across a green lawn carrying an AK-47 style automatic rifle, my mind immediately flashed back to 1972. The full CNN report is here: Gunmen Attack Sri Lankan Cricket Team.

Muslims around the world, please listen to me now. The most radical, psychotic members of your community have committed despicable acts of depravity and violence for half a century. While at first the Palestinians fought a genuine military effort against the Israeli army, following Black September in 1970 blasphemous attacks on civilian targets have increased in scope and brutality. This should not have become a global problem, but it has. Personally, I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Arab world. There was no excuse for continuing to provide support and logistics to these criminals once they began targeting civilians. None whatsoever.

Where are the peaceful moderates screaming for the end to this campaign of terror? I only know of one internet site that routinely condemns terrorism (Muslims Against Sharia). Where are the others? Where are the peaceful followers of Mohammed dedicated to practicing love, caring for widows, and feeding orphans? The Red Crescent cannot heal your wounded alone. When are you going to rise up and condemn these brutal murderers who claim to be fighting for you? Where are the clerics crying out that the global jihad is inspired by The Whisperer?

Now, to be honest, as of this writing no one has claimed responsibility for this attack, therefore, it can be rightly pointed out that I am premature in blaming this attack on Islamic terrorists.

Wait and see. If it turns out the terrorists are not Muslims, I will post a formal apology right here on this page.

If it turns out they are, then perhaps the time has come. Perhaps, after half a century of brutal, uncivilized attacks on non-military targets, perhaps we should declare war on Islamic nations worldwide. If the Muslim world supports these people, then the only way to remove their financial and logistical support will be to destroy the Muslim world. I do NOT want to see the entire globe burn in the flames of a war between Muslims and the rest of us, but if the Muslims would rather support these criminals than condemn them, what choice do the rest of us have?

Tyranny in all its forms must not be allowed to flourish.


And yes, "in all its forms" also means politicians in the United States who are trying to restrict and eventually repeal the Bill of Rights. Even as I do not want to see the world burn in order to eliminate Islamic terror, neither would I want to see America burn in order to protect its founding documents. However, every day that goes by it becomes more and more likely that those who love freedom and liberty will soon have no other choice :


Now this is curious: Double Murder Jolts Cocaine Hub

The question comes to mind, are the Columbian cartels behind the events in Africa?

Keep in mind, the elitists who are seeking to gain control of our world are mostly casual drug using New Age believers. In their minds, a "new consciousness" is emerging and within this movement they see themselves as the leaders of a New Age of enlightenment and tolerance. The fact that much of their "enlightenment" rests on things learned through the use of hallucinogenic drugs both natural and synthetic only serves to reinforce their belief that "recreational" drug use is a rational, intelligent way to manage their daily life.

The same people who are feeding the violence in Northern Mexico, Columbia, the back country of Afghanistan, the inner cities of the United States, and countless other places are convinced in their own minds that they are leading us into a New World Order. They will broker no dissent and allow no distraction from their craving to remake the world in their own deluded image. And yes, these are the same people who are trying to ban guns, free the palestinians by destroying Israel, and outlaw Christianity in America.

Their utopia has them at the pinnacle of a global civilization dedicated to rational self-indulgence, total dependency of the lower classes on the aristocracy, and complete removal of "irrational and archaic" ideals such as "freedom" and "liberty".