March 25, 2009

History is repeating itself

Boston Gazette, September 26, 1768:
It is reported that the Governor has said, that he has Three Things in Command from the Ministry, more grievous to the People, than any Thing hitherto made known. It is conjectured 1st, that the Inhabitants of this Province are to be disarmed. 2d The Province to be governed by Martial Law. And 3d, that a Number of Gentlemen who have exerted themselves in the Cause of the Country are to be seized and sent to Great-Britain.

An e-mail from Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars to J. C. Wilmore at Daily Kos and posted at both places:
If we cannot agree on something as basic as the sanctity of life, the inalienable rights to property and liberty (see in starkest relief in the gun control debate) and the basic right to be left alone by a nanny-state government turned predatory, does ANYTHING else we agree on matter?

There are two fundamentally different visions at work here and throughout history such divisions have rarely been settled except by civil war.

An editorial on the rise of Constitutionalist Militias by David Neiwert at Crooks and Liars:
The Missouri State Patrol's information arm recently compiled a report about militias (you can read it here), largely as a way of helping to inform their officers in the field, who are the people most at risk when it comes to random encounters with armed right-wing extremists.

The report, unsurprisingly, created a firestorm among the conservatives who suddenly found they had more of a resemblance to a right-wing extremist than they thought...

...What the report reflects is a reality that law enforcement trying to deal with domestic terrorism in America must confront: Their subjects are thoroughly American; many of the people drawn into these movements are, if anything, "hyper-normal." Their version of "patriotism," for instance, is so extreme that they actually hate not just their government but their fellow citizens -- in essence, their country: because, you see, it has been "perverted" from its original purposes.

And a bit of advice from me!:
An educational and entertaining bookmark worth having is the Charters of Freedom website, where one can find The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and The Bill of Rights, side-by-side along with some other pages providing a brief historical context.

For most Americans educated before the Summer of Love, the founding documents and our shared history of bloodshed is a sacred tradition as holy and circumspect as the Bible, the Qur'an, or even the Kama Sutra. For most Americans educated during or after that notorious summer, neither the founding documents nor any holy book have any real meaning. For post-1967 educated people, secular humanism with a strong, carefully hidden strain of good, old-fashioned Marxism is the only "rational" way to view reality and anyone who does not subscribe to their "rational" plans for making the world a better place is either delusional or dangerous, and probably both!

For three decades now I have watched the division between these two groups of people grow ever deeper and ever more contentious. Neither group considers any point raised by their opponents to be emotionally, intellectually, or spiritually valid. The modern world, with the United States and European academic movement at its core, has become an intolerant, unforgiving place where "rational discourse" only takes place between people who already agree with one another. The post-1967 group calls on legislative authority and pure logic to justify their excesses, while the pre-1967 group rests on an unshakable foundation of tradition and history.

Both groups are idiots.

I'm sorry, but that's the simple reality. In my never humble opinion neither group deserves to survive the coming century. Sadly, if history is any indication of the future, neither side will. A firestorm of violence is going to tear through our world in the coming weeks, months, and years as these two groups come to blows while Islamic fascists take advantage of the turmoil to block off a section of the world and plunge it into a new dark age. Once the traditionalists and the modernists start their shooting war (and make no mistake, that is exactly what is coming!), the Islamic fascists will overthrow several key oil nations and use their newfound wealth to feed both sides of the conflict.

I saw this day approaching a decade after the Summer of Love when I came to age in the midst of a generation that could not decide whether to celebrate Christmas or Samhein, whether to eat cows or enshrine them, and whether to install the latest computer controlled central heating or buy a wood stove. Choice is a fine thing, and the wondrous array of options available to those of us who live in "civilized" countries is mind-boggling. However, the modernists want to write thousands of new laws requiring us to conform to their ideal while the traditionalists demand to be left alone with their Franklin stove and homemade pemmican.

Given that the modernists currently control most of the free world's governments, the traditionalists are finding themselves legislated out of existence and they are not at all happy about it. This is why a shooting war between the two camps has become inevitable. I'm expecting to see a civil war or other armed uprising in the United States before year-end. As talented and gifted as Pres. Obama is, he has chosen to surround himself with synchophants who honestly believe they have succeeded in their life's purpose and now are looking for ways to reap the benefits without letting anyone know what they are doing. The disconnect at the top will continue to widen and when the shooting starts, no one will be more surprised than the President and his still incomplete Cabinet.

I wonder, sometimes, when the history of the coming civil war is written, whether or not my little blog or one like it will still be available for the scholars perusal. There are a few of us sitting here on this fence shaking our heads at both camps, but very few. When the shooting starts, I know which side I will slide onto, and I suspect everyone currently fence-sitting has already decided in their own heart which side they will align themselves with, as well. Unfortunately, once a conflict like this gets started, there really is no way to bring it to a close until both sides have completely exhausted their resources. Barring outside intervention, of course.

No, the Islamic fascist movement will not join either side. They're too smart for that. They will profit off of both then pick through the ruins and claim any valuables left in the rubble for themselves.

It has been a long, hard winter, and there is no relief in sight.