March 08, 2009

In Illinois, churches are "gun-free" zones

Which, of course, makes it really easy for someone to walk through the door and open fire.

Story is here: Church Pastor Killed During Service

I'll add more links as the story unfolds. Once the dust settles, I'll add my thoughts on the end.


Nothing new to report, sadly. I suppose it will take several days for the police to wrap up their investigation. I wish I could be confident CNN will report the results, but I'm pretty certain this is the last we will hear of it. I guess a dead pastor doesn't generated the same kind of headlines as a male pop singer who beats his pop singer girlfriend in public.

Same story at MSNBC

March 10, 2009
Suspect Charged in Pastor's Death

March 12, 2009
Attorney Enters "Not Guilty" Plea for Shooter